St. Louis to Dallas to Tampa Bay

A few days ago, I flew a connection flight from KSTL, to KDAL, then ending in KTPA. Here are the screenshots I have captured!

Flight Details

4 hours total
Southwest Airlines
Training Server

Parked at the gate as a retro livery Southwest Airlines passes by.

Holding short of runway 30L as a FedEx Express touches down on the runway.

Liftoff! Goodbye St. Louis!

Finally in Dallas, we are making a sharp turn on final as my buddies are waiting for me at Dallas Love Field.

Touching down at Dallas Love Field runway 13L.

Tail shot with my friends before we takeoff from Dallas Love Field and head to Tampa!
@Captin_will @RomR_Aviation @Captain867 @LookedTree

Taxi shot before we depart Dallas!

Lifting off from Dallas Love Field en route to Tampa Bay! See ya later Dallas!

On the ground as one of my friends is on final at Tampa International.

As we come to a close to this connection flight, here is a shot of 3 of the 4 aircraft that arrived at Dallas. Sadly one of them overran at Dallas Love Field.

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i love all the photos

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A nice collection! A mix of old and new liveries of lovey dovey airlines!

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You got me at Tampa Bay.😍 Amazing shots, thanks for sharing.

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the 9th picture looks good and being the person who was landing behind I can confirm my landing was not very good

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Really nice photos!

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Great Pictures 😉

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