St Johns Intl Airport ATC

I would like to convince people to

1: Fly above St Johns Intl (CYYT) when on Atlantic flights
2: Be ATC of CYYT

Also convince developers to:

Add path feature at CYYT

CYYR Is the easternmost airport in North America, so it controls all paths planes will use while no ATC is available on the Atlantic, it includes 6 paths that can be added to control flights that have no ATC, and to make the game realistic


When you are a TL2 you can post Feature requests. Contribute to the community and you should be there in no time! Also, when you become a Member of the community you can host events to have people fly with you in a certain region!

Hope to see you there soon!!

Also… Pilots like to fly realistically but some dont

The best thing about Global is that FDS broke the boundaries (Literally let people fly everywhere). You can’t constrict people to fly over 1 airport every time they go across the pond. Just sayin, people aren’t going to do that. Its global :)

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I think that rule would be actually useful on expert server

People are free to fly wherever they choose :)