St. Helena Airport open for business

As a follow up to this now closed thread, in May of this year, the airport welcomed it’s first commerical flight, operated by SA Airlink. Albeit it was a charter, however nonetheless, a huge achievement, considering the wind shear risks that have been associated with this airport.

And now, SA Airlink has released it’s plans for scheduled revenue service, which can be seen below.

Flights will be operated by an ETOPS E190 (120 min is the E190 ETOPS rating), operating once a week on Saturdays, and will start when the regulatory approval goes through, so no commencement date as of yet, so stay tuned. Congrats to St. Helena, your time is coming very soon!

Sources/Additional Info: Saints Fly Home For The Very First Time on First Commercial Passenger Flight to St Helena ::::: Travel To St Helena By Air – Scheduled Flights Almost Here :::::

As a side note, would love for this airport to be in global, to really put our piloting skills to the test.


Yea its in global, it was redone and gated by the airport editing team. Just checked on the github page ;) -your freindly airport editor

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It’s definitely going to help the people of St.Helena. Bringing cargo in once a week is a huge upgrade compared to the boat they receive every like 3 months.

What’s the ETOPS rating?

I know what ETOPS is 🙈 I want to know the rating (ETOPS120, ETOPS 180 etc)

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Google is your friend then.

Courtesy of the thread on this topic on

The second largest circle is ETOPS 120, which makes the route structure listed above viable, as the E190 is rated at ETOPS 120.


So an ERJ-190 has ETOPS 120 rating? Or am I not understanding?

Yes, you are correct, E190 has a ETOPS 120 rating.


So, just to clear it up.
SA Airlink will operate an Embraer ERJ-190 to ST.Helena, and it has an ETOPS 120 rating. Right?


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