St. Barths Airshow.

A few days ago, we were just casually doing patterns at TFFJ. When we all suddenly started ridiculous stunts, which turned into an Airshow. This was on TS by the way. Here is the Airshow.

Our first performer was someone with inverted landings in the SR-22!

Our next performers, a Spitfire with a low pass and another Spitfire taking off from the ramp.

Presenting our heritage flight! An F-16 swimming through the shallow water and a Spitfire flying over.

Now presenting our F-16 low pass! An XCub pulled into formation with the F-16.

Now, a runway performance by the Spitfire Squad, the 2 spitfires we’re drifting and sliding all over the runway for a great demonstration.

Thank you for visiting the St. Barth’s Airshow, we hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a great day!


I was in the #SpitfireSquad.


I think I was the f-16

Yes you were I believe.
I was also part of the #SpitfireSquad

That looks really fun!! Nice shots!

You should do another one on casual! So more craziness is there
Love it though

Maybe at KLAX?

I would say nice pictures but they won’t load. So. I’m gonna assume they are good.

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Just maybe give it a minute. You can click on them if they won’t load, that sometimes works

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I have been sitting here for ten minutes. Ima reload the community. Can you send them in PM?

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Sure, I will in a few.

Maybe an RAF base or something like that and make it an event