St. Barthelemy Flyout @TFFJ

Welcome to the St. Barthelemy Flyout hosted by @Butter575! I am excited to host this flyout because I love flying in and out of this airport. I also feel that it deserves more attention than besides myself. This event will be on Training. I hope this event gets a lot of signups!

Flight Information

Server: Training
Airport: TFFJ
Date: 18DEC22

Please request a gate with one of the following aircrafts: C172, C208, SR22, TBM-930, XCUB, or Citation X

I do not need the airline

Main Terminal (FULL)
Gate Aircraft Route User
W01 C172 Saba @United403
W02 C172 Saba @Avaitor1
W03 C208 Martinique @Wonderousbuilder641
W04 C208 St. Maarten @flyin_hawaiian
P01 TBM-930 St. Maarten @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
P02 C208 Saba @JMacMcd
P03 TBM-930 St. Maarten @harrisonsauter111
P04 C208 St. Maarten @Ryan_Carney
F01 TBM-930 St. Maarten @CaptainE
F02 TBM-930 St. Maarten @Southwest_2115
Remote Stands
Gate Aircraft Route User
N02 C750 Cancun @EnthusiasticAviation
N04 C208 Antigua @dizz
N06 C172 N/A @Lufthansa1
N07 TBM-930 St. Maarten @HDzurichaviation
N08 TBM-930 St. Maarten @AviationAlpha
N09 C208 St. Maarten @Luiz_Alexandre_Paiva

Frequency Controller
Tower @Butter575
Departure @UALPilot


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • No pattern work
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!

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I’ll take an Infinite Flight TBM to St. Thomas

I’ll take this in a C172 to Saba

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You both have been added

I’ll take this in a DHL C208 i will let you know the route I would like in one moment

Ok sounds good

I would like to fly to TFFF

I’ll get you down

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C208 to St Maarten please

That’s the route I was gonna do until I realized St. Maarten is 17 miles away lol

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Ill get you down.

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is the C208 too big for TNCS?

I don’t think so

This event is taking place at the same time as a KLGA flyout that I’ve already signed up for. This event is cool tho. wanted to come

Do you happen to have 2 devices? You can play on two different devices on two different servers

They are on the same account tho

I’ll take this with TBM930

Is it different servers?

I’ll get you down

I’ll go to Sint Marteen