St. Barth Commuter (PV491) Cessna C208 St. Barthelemy-Point a Pitre

While browsing my uploaded Infinite Flight videos on Youtube, I found my first ever uploaded flight was of a flight between Saint Martin/Grand Case and St. Barthelemy in the Air Caraibes C208. Looking to be more realistic this time, I opened Flightaware and checked for flights longer than 10 minutes in the Caribbean, and stumbled upon PV491, a St. Barth Commuter flight between St. Barthelemy and Point a Pitre done in the Cessna 208.
The C208 needs some refinement, such as ground effect and live cockpit, (maybe even some extra liveries), but it handles nicely and is easy to fly.

At the ramp at St. Barthelemy.

Overweight takeoff with the tanks full because I added 1000kg of extra fuel in case of emergencies. Turns out 400kg would have been more than enough.

Leaving St. Barthelemy.

V.C Bird/TAPA from above.

Configured for landing. The airport mixed with the surrounding terrain, so I had to zoom in a lot and descend with the PAPI lights (Runway 12 has an ILS) to achieve a stable descent rate.

Final approach.

Touchdown a little low, but on the markers.

Parked at the GA Ramp at Point a Pitre.


Nice photos! It’s a beautiful part of the world.

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It’s shocking how short some of those flights are! It’s like 15 minutes from Saint Maarten so Saba, and even less to Antigua.

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Yep, perfect routes if you don’t wish to spend lots of time sitted.

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Cool pics! I really love this one!

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