Srv236’s ATC Tracking thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Applied for ifatc, looking for practice. Open tower and ground. Please stop by, accepting pattern work, runway changes etc


Are you sure you’re open?

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Just disconnected, quick feedback, when an aircraft requests takeoff “remaining in the pattern”, just let them know if they should make left or right traffic, don’t give them a simple “cleared for takeoff”. Maybe just try to get familiar with the pattern work commands (the theoretical part) first, then a tracking thread would help you improve your practical skills.


I’m sorry I wasn’t at the airport. This post had to get approved so I thought I would do a quick flight RJAA to RJTT. I am active now at OMDB, ground and tower. Sorry again, @Scotty

Oh okay, I assume you weren’t controlling when I was there because it was a huge mess lol :D

Nope, I just finished flight RJTT. Active at OMDB now tho :) pls stop by if you have time, much appreciated.

Everything was great, the controller at KSAE was definetely not you lol :D. Just a minor thing, I guess you could directly send “frequency change approved” after accepting my departure request to the west.

Excellent sequencing :)

Got it! Thank you for stopping by !

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Open at KSEA
Pattern work accepted.

Open at WSSS for 30 min to 1 hr , anyone joining would be appreciated.

Landing and departing runway 02L, C, R.

1535Z closed.