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Your Virtual Flying Partner

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Sriwijaya Virtual Airline was founder on November 11, 2019, by Farhatsyah Zamri then being given to Kanzi Sinan Irawan.

Who are we? We are Sriwijaya Virtual Airline, a virtual airline for mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. We are one of Indonesia’s largest airlines! We have destinations to many countries in Asia, such as China, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, East Timor, Saudi Arabia, and many! And that’s all are operated by our B737-900 Sriwijaya Air fleet. What airline do we have in our VA? We have two airlines in our VA, that is Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air! Also our partner airline, we have more than 25 airlines partner, and NAM Air is our subsidiary, based in real life. How many fleets do we have? We have 5 aircraft in our fleet, which are B737-900, B737-800, B737-500 Sriwijaya Air, and B737-500, ATR 72 NAM Air!

What do we offer to you? We offering you our route database with over 1800 routes (Including Codeshares) on our route database! And a mainline fleet of 5 aircraft for you to fly on Indonesia’s Infinite Flight Skies! What do we use for our communication platform? We are using Discord for our communication platform. We invite you to explore Indonesia’s beautiful scenery from Sabang to Merauke.

A Message From Our CEO

Hi there! On behalf of Sriwijaya Virtual Airline, I extend to you the warmest welcome. We are pleased that you have chosen to join and cannot wait to see you flying
in the sky with us.

Sriwijaya Virtual Airline is a fast-growing organization and it is our mission to make you feel comfortable and valued in our community.

Our core values define what we are about as a VA and how we operate, our community, cooperation, our value, and adventures. We are Sriwijaya Virtual Airline, we are proud to be Sriwijaya Virtual Airline and we always are Sriwijaya Virtual Airline.

Once again, most welcome, and best wishes for your future adventures.

Fly over the Archipelago

Kanzi Sinan Irwan
SJVA001 - SJVA Chief Executive Officer

We have 3 Upper Management roles, 6 Lower Management roles, and 5 Advisor roles which are very helpful for us to grow Sriwijaya Virtual Airline.

Upper Management
Position IFC Username
Chief Executive Officer @IFFI-Kanzi
Chief Operating Officer @fauzistama
Head of Internal Affairs @TheArcher009
Lower Management
Position IFC Username
Recruiter Vacant
Route Manager Vacant
HR Manager Vacant
Event Manager Vacant
Chief Pilot Vacant
Media Manager Vacant
Advisors - Non-Staff
Position IFC Username
Advisor @Gritz
Advisor @Raihan_Yudanto
Advisor @yadi_oni
Advisor @williammyname
Advisor @qmbud

We have 3 fleets from Sriwijaya Air and 2 fleets from NAM Air which you can see in the details below.

Sriwijaya Air Fleet

Aircraft Type Livery Remarks
B737-500 Generic Replaced by B737-700
B737-800 Generic
B737-900 Sriwijaya Air

NAM Air Fleet

Aircraft Type Livery Remarks
B737-500 Generic Replaced by B737-700
ATR 72-600 Generic Replaced by DH8D

We have 7 Main Ranks and 2 Award Ranks.

Rank Name Hours Required Unlocked
Cadet 0-14 Hours B712, C208, All ATR 72 Family, All Dash Family, All CRJ Family, A318 & All Embraer Family
Second Officer 15-39 Hours All B737 Classic Family, B737, B738, A319 & A320
First Officer 40-59 Hours All B757 Family, B739, All B737 Max Family, All A330 Family & A321
Sr. First Officer 60-99 Hours All A340 Family, All B767 Family, B772 & B788
Captain 100-199 Hours All B747 Family, B77L, B789 & B777F
Sr. Captain 200-299 Hours B77W, B78X & DC10
Commander 300-399 Hours All A350 Family, A388, MD11, DC10F, Ability to make a Flash Flight & Sriwijaya Private Jet
COO Award 400-799 Hours MD11F, All Delivery Routes & 1,15x Multiplier on all regular flights
CEO Award >800 Hours All SJVA Routes & Aircraft & 1,25x Multiplier on all regular flights

We have route connections over 1800 routes. Connecting a city to another city and country to another country.

You can click here to see our route database.

SJVA Routes connection stats: 1800+ Routes, 5 Continents, 410+ City and 28 Airlines!

Sriwijaya Private Jet

Sriwijaya Private Jet is all about pilot freedom and the chance to fly around the world! Commanders will be able to fly Sriwijaya Private Jet with the aircraft from and to any destination they’d like! With the freedom around the world, it gives SJVA pilots the freedom and flexibility to explore the world.

Delivery Routes

We have a delivery program where our pilots can fly from delivery airports to the airline’s main hub airport. All delivery routes can be flown once reaching the rank of COO Award.

We are glad to be in partnership with various VA to allow our pilots to fly part of their routes through SJVA.

Not Listed
Codeshare Partners
Srilankan Airlines

Come join us and enjoy your virtual flight experience with us!


  • Must have an Infinite Flight Pro Subs.
  • Must be at least Grade 3.
  • Have an active IFC account.
  • Able to access Discord.
  • Must be at least 13 years old or above.
  • Not on the IFVARB Blacklisted or Watchlist.
  • Obtain at least 70% for the written test.
  • Able to log one flight a month.



Copyright © 2021 Sriwijaya Virtual Airline

Sriwijaya Virtual Airline is not affiliated with the real-world Sriwijaya Group. All trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners.
Special thanks to @Gritz for helping us making this thread!

Glad to see you guys back!


We’re very happy to behave codeshares with you! Very nice thread!


Nice refreshment thread SJVA! We wish you guys more success in the future!


Thanks! Glad to be one of your partners!

Thanks for the kind words!

Fauzi - COO

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Awesome thread! We’re glad to be codeshare partners with SJVA!


Wow… Nice thread… Glad to see SJVA back on track. I am very happy be a part of this VA… Flying higher SJVA…


Very nice thread! welcome back my friends SJVA! We wish you guys more success in future…


Thanks! We’re glad too to be one of your partners!

Thanks, we’re glad to have you in SJVA!

Thank you!

Fauzi - SJVA COO


Glad u are back SJVA❤️👍👍


Glad to see reworked Sriwijaya VA!


Cool thread! What a cool looking VA!

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Fauzi - SJVA COO

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