Sri Lankan A350 orders cancelled from AerCap

I kind of want to hear your opinions on this. Very sad we can’t have this in the game.


That sucks. I think they were planning to fly them to America.


Now those A350s are orphans😭


Wow, way to go, Sri Lankan! Next time, plan ahead. You just wasted an amazing aircraft, you idiotic CEO.


Did you read the article?

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How if they never received them.
It’ll go to next in line.

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None of you actually read the article.
It says it still has a remaining four orders directly from the Airbus Group.
So ironic how you guys are calling the CEO idiotic, when you guys are being so idiotic by saying false things and not reading properly.


Changed the title. Hopefully it won’t be as misleading.

Still lol about how no one read.

“Waste of an airplane” like they just set it on fire after delivery or rolled it into a lake.


What? Even if the aircraft was cancelled was directly from Airbus, they would just give it to someone else. It’s not like Airbus is short of A350 customers.


A350s are very popular with parents looking to adopt, they’ll be out of the orphanage in no time. :)

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And if not i’m sure there’s a friendly scrapper looking to salvage and eventually will wind up as a proper Boeing plane.

Can Qantas take those four, lol

Just give them to me, then it’ll not be a waste

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I think it’s sad that people still believe in Airbus. With more and more airlines ditching the A380 after their short term lease, and moving towards a twin engine wide body such as the 773ER or even wait for the 777X, Im not surprised airlines are saying goodbye to Airbus.

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What airlines are ditching the A380? I didn’t know that!

Pity, would have liked to see these fly.

The A330 pretty much got murdered byt he 777 and A350

HA ditched the A350 for the A330 NEO. There are mission lengths that puts the A330 at an advantage. It’s just that we won’t see blockbuster deals for the A330 NEO.

Malaysia Airlines is planning on getting rid of all its A380s.