Sri Lanka and the Himalayas from 100,000 feet

I really enjoy seeing photos posted here from space or 100,000 feet in the sky, so I thought I’d give it a try.


  • Solo

  • F22

North half of Sri Lanka

South half of Sri Lanka

Himalayas and Kathmandu facing east

Himalayas facing west

Please leave feedback if you want! Thanks for viewing.


Wow! Those are some very beautiful photos you got there :) good job!

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beautiful photos!

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Beautiful view 😍😍

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oh man
in space defying the laws of infinite flight
these are really gud veiws

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Outstanding photos! I was thinking of doing the Himalayas for my 100,000 feet topics soon.


Geat Photos!
Maybe i should post more of those again

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That’s actually amazing…

I don’t really fly in the Asian regions too often, this may have convinced me…

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Is this the new trend? I’m loving it!

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Those are excellent pictures! I’m really liking all of these _____ from 100,000 feet posts! Great work, keep it up.

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Lovely photos mate

Great photos I love the f 22

I think your a little high up there

WOW. close to the ground IF looks terrible but go up a bit and it looks amazing.

Did not expect this topic to get resurrected 1.5 years later but thanks y’all!