SR22 V-speeds, performance figures

Some stuff I took the time to figure out. Figures are determined based on ratios between air speeds in the DA-40 I fly in RL. Take them with a grain of salt! Makes it more fun anyway.

Cirrus SR-22 V-speeds:

Stall speed, clean configuration, Vs0: 59 KIAS

Stall speed, landing configuration, Vs1: 53 KIAS

Max flap extension speeds:

10 deg - 91 KIAS

20 deg - 85 KIAS

25 deg - 85 KIAS, max full flaps extension speed, Vfe

Best angle of climb, Vx: 71 KIAS

Best rate of climb, Vy: 82 KIAS/~900 FPM@1000’ MSL

Cruise climb: 93 KIAS/~800 FPM@1000’ MSL

Cruise speed range (green arc): 59-149 KIAS

Vno: 150 KIAS

Smooth air cruise speed range (yellow arc): 150-199 KIAS

Max speed (red line), Vne: 200 KIAS

Best glide: 77 KIAS at about 1000’ descent/1.1 statute mile

Rotation speed, Vx - 5, 66 KIAS

Approach speeds, Vapp:

Flaps clean: 77 KIAS

10 deg: 74 KIAS

20 deg: 69 KIAS

25 deg: 69 KIAS

Power levels as read on ENG tab:

Takeoff: 100%

Climb: 92%

Cruise: 50%

Climb fuel flow: 21.6 GPH (100 LL)

Cruise FF: 6.4 GPH


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