SR22 Takeoff and Climb Out Issues

Hey guys,

I am having some issues with the SR22 currently. Not sure if it is my flying but I have tried 4 times and failed on 4 attempts to get off the ground even after reducing the weight.

Let me know if im not the only one and I can dig into it further…


Nope a 7knt Head Wind and I had 30% trim even tried higher.

Well not sure how to help there

My problem exactly. I started as weighted heavy and then dropped the fuel to about 2hrs worth and still got to the climb out at around 70knts and stalled out at 100FPM.

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Do you have 10 degree flaps in? Should be 50% flaps but oh well. Also, not sure if this is an issue exactly, you might just need to be a better pilot 😂

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Well, the SR22 is an older plane in IF so that might be your reason as to why you are falling through the sky.

I used 10 because it was a long rw and felt like I had plenty of room.

It’s a far older model, behaves the same as something like the C17 (unbearable).

There really isn’t a solution, just throw in some more flaps and hope for the best.

Not necessarily. As I have been able to fly this in the past completely fine and the issue arose today really stumped me. This was the first time I have flown this since the 20.3 update.

What speed did you rotate at, and what was your climb rate?

It wasn’t changed as far as I’m aware 🤷

Maybe it’s bad winds/load… sounds like it’s just your problem and not something that would affect everyone who flies the SR22.

Just throw in more flaps and rotate a bit later.

This is all stated above as I have flown this plane in worse conditions as this and the plane reacted perfectly fine.

Try lowering your cargo/pax load?

I have 2 passengers and 25lbs of cargo.

I had like 4hrs of fuel and I dropped it to cargo. I could rotate then stalled out.

Might I ask for a replay file?

I cannot do it tonight but @Canadian_Aviator was there and may be able to give input and maybe a replay.

I must go to bed now.

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I fly the SR22 IRL (training) and in some flight sims with an updated SR22.

2 hours is a bit to pack on (assuming you are doing patterns) but it can be done during C/C (up to 4 hours about). I forget if mixture is available in the IF SR22, but make sure to optimize that if it’s available.

Throttle full, and flaps 50% for takeoff. Rotation at a higher weight is usually around 75 knots, so be aware of that.

Hope this helps!

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