SR22 Crosswind landing

Hey everyone, recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to crosswind land an SR22. I’ll be on final at SAWH with 14 kts @ 347°. I’ll use the wing low method. As I touch down, the increased rudder input I use sends me into a spin. The obvious answer to this is to release rudder before the nose gear touches down. However, if I release the rudder before the nose gear touches down the wind drift catches the nose and sends me into a spin as well. It just seems that I can’t win… I’m not sure what to do from here on out as I end up in a spin either way.

Any help to this situation is appreciated, thanks!

Sounds like you watched Tyler’s fantastic video on crosswind landings:

But, I think you are missing a key point. I quote:
“One important note with this method is to relax the rudder input just before the nose gear touches to avoid your aircraft veering off the runway due to the increased rudder we were using in the flare”
So, basically reduce your rudder input right before you bring the nose gear down, so you can keep the nose on the centerline of the runway, and slow down from there.


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