SR22 cirrus has awesome range in global

The range on IF for the SR22 I can fly from KBOS to EGLL non stop at FL270 with plenty of fuel reserve to fly to Rome and beyond. On an other flight, I was able to climb beyond FL420 at a rate of 4,000FPM and at max speed. I almost caught up to an A380 before it pulled away. My true airspeed was something like 558KTS.
Assuming this just needs to be updated, all though it was a lot of fun. I’m planning an altitude test to see how high it will go. About FL550 before power seems to cut out at Mach 1.02 or so. Lmao
Hoping To see a single engine turbo prop low wing in the future. TBM, PC-12, PIPER, or new Cessna.!


A Cirrus going 558 KIAS? Thats like impossible… Did you steal rocket engines from NASA and equip them on the SR22?


An RAF Tucano trainer would be a very nice addition. Would go well with an RAF Hawk fast jet trainer.

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Not on IF Global MACH 1.02
Try it
Im going to cross paths with someone up there in a heavy and zip by them soon.

I️ had a sustained rate of climb above 5,000 FPM

Uhm yeah, this needs to be checked.