SR-71 manual available online

[LINK] SR-71 Online - SR-71 Flight Manual
Credit to SR-71 Online

One of the cooler things I’ve stumbled across on the Internet. This is an actual SR-71 flight manual, declassified and part of the public domain.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there (you might have seen checklists including the word EJECT before, but have you ever seen FL700 mentioned not as an operating ceiling?) and I’m sure a lot of the information will need to be unpacked by the more experienced members on the forum.

Have fun looking around at what’s included, and if you’re inspired by this be sure to vote for the corresponding feature request:


This is extremely cool! Thanks Tom!


If anyone gets their hands on a blackbird then I don’t mind being the co pilot 😉

Check out my uncle.


Let’s hope it’s less complicated than the concord 😉. This is by far the coolest declassified thing I’ve seen. Just waiting for the F-117 to be declassified now.


That’s going be a long time, since they’re still being used lol

Very true, but a guy can hope lol.

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