In a future update will we be able to Squawk? To send in Emergency’s?

I can see this as a great realism effect but then those pilots who will abuse it…

Like I would love to (ex: Take off from YSSY and head for KLAX. But then get a mechanical issue and divert to HNL. On the coast of Hawaii tell the ATC that you have an emergency and go onto a holding pattern to loose fuel and land!)

I feel like it could (once again) be a great thing but then a bad thing for the abusers… (Maybe in Expert only?)


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Hello Jack,

Please wait until you’re a member (TL2) before requesting Features; you’re currently a basic user (TL1). To get there, simply make interesting topics, give likes, and stay active - you’ll get there very soon.

Please remember to search before posting as well (utilize the search function by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner). If you do this, you won’t create duplicate topics and it’ll keep the forums clutter free.

If you want squawk codes added, please comment on the linked topic below and vote for it.

Thanks! ;)


Not sure what you want with this, but if it is a feature request, you will have to wait until you’re a member rank.

As for the request, it’s not needed at all.

And please search the forum before making a topic.

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Welcome to the forum. :) Great info given by two regulars and the request already exists. Be sure to vote on the feature to support it!