Squawking 7700 in Global?

Who thinks a new feature in pilots abilities could be the ability to call “emergency” or something like “Frontier Flight 508 is squawking 7700”?
I personally think that would be absolutely awesome lol. It would have saved me a ghosting once.
Just think…you are coming down on final. Suddenly you lose all of your fuel. You could squawk emergency and the controller could halt everything else!
I do realize people might be tempted to overuse and abuse this option just to get their way, but in Advanced if the controller doesn’t think there is an emergency…ghosted!!!
So ideas?

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  • I think that would be incredible
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  • I think we can do without that!

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Wouldn’t we need emergency situations first…


Yeah like if fuel burn was a possibility…or if we were being vectored into the mountains cough cough

I personally think it would be be abused by pilots, especially if there is a long line to land they will squawk 7700 and use it as an exscuse to land early.

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Not necessarily.
You could as well just simulate the emergency situation and divert / return.

Though, I think some people will have no idea what Radar Sqawks are, nor how to use them, so after all, I think it’s a tie here.

It would be fun to have, but maybe sometime in further future.

True true! And like I said…if the controller doesn’t think it is a true emergency and the player is abusing that function then the pilot gets ghosted. Aircraft on advanced would be careful not to abuse it then

People were asking alot of questions when i posted this. Most of them dont know what it is. Some thought it was the squawking of a duck lol 😂



😂 true pilot humor right there

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This would be cool, but not necessarily 7700. We could have something like,
Ar New Zealand 42, turn right after takeoff, squawk 5788 or such like.

It comes down to the clientele. When online on FSX using any kind of ATC function if I choose to squawk 7700 it is generally understood I am simulating/legitimately do have a failure of some description. I then inform ATC manually if possible, at which point they will vector me in.

In IF the customer is generally a less mature player (no offence to anyone) whereas on other sims this function isnt abused. More power to controller to decide what is and isn’t ghost worthy is a very bad idea. On IF it would unfortunately be abused.

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