Squawking 7600

Hi guys, this evening I had seen a C152 Squawk 7600. Worst thing of all is that nearly 2,600 were watching this guy at time of screenshot. In case you don’t know, Squawking 7600 means you have a radio failure. I do wish the pilot the best of luck in landing the plane safely and hope they surviveimage


Honestly, I think they’ll be fine. This happens like all the time? Is this on FR24, should this be in the FlightRadar24 Findings topic? I’: not sure. Anyway, of course I do wish them luck in such a challenge but I think there are worse emergencies and I’m pretty sure they’ll live :)


If anybody can also see, an Air France flight is now Squawking 7700, which is quite surprise since I just found two emergencies in 5 minutes. Which is quite sad indeed

If you were thinking 2600 people watching is bad there are 12000 people watching the Air France


Yeah IK I wish them the best of luck and hope they can all survive with nothing done to them

How can you see that?

Don’t worry too much. Squawking emergencys doesn’t mean the plane is falling apart. Most times those are minor issues, but which require more attention of ATC.

This is how

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Actually, 7700 isn’t as rare as you think. In these situations, some are medical issues, some are just simple mechanical failure (when I say simple here, it’s relatively simple, as the pilots had encountered this kind of failure with many other in their training), only very few of them are really really bad situation.


Under the search tab is a line swipe down and you can see flights, tweets and stats

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Got it, thank you!

Hope the pilot made a safe landing!

how do you do it on computer

Since most of all are concerned with 7600, 7600 is radio failure. There is NOTHING physical wrong w the airplane and neither the airplane nor pilot are in serious danger. ATC has protocols that they must follow when this happens. No one is in danger just advising that there having radio issues


Lol are y’all in this thread serious? “I hope he lands the plane safely”, etc. If you have your FR24 notifications on, you’ll know that aircraft squawk emergencies on a daily basis; I usually get around 20 FR24 notifications daily, and that’s just 7700. (I turned 7600 notifs off because it happened way too frequently). 7600 isn’t worth being alarmed at all, and 7700 often isn’t either. I’d understand if someone made a thread related to an a/c squawking 7700, but 7600? It’s not an issue at all.

An aircraft losing radio contact won’t prevent a pilot from landing an aircraft effectively, especially if it’s a small GA aircraft. I’d understand some alarm on your part if the aircraft was trying to land at ATL, DFW, or another busy airport, but usually a 7600 squawk isn’t too much of a problem.


I used to react the same way when i first got flightradar years ago 😅

For those who are unfamiliar:

75 - my passenger’s trying to drive (hijacking)
76 - radio needs a fix (lost comms)
77 - we’re going to heaven (emergency)


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