Squawk9998’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ NA

Today is my practical and I want to pass so can you come to WIII we will do some Pattern Work and Ground and please feedback how it was.


Ground and Tower


Hey there.

I was the only one doing patterns at EGSS.

  • At one point, you told me “enter left downwind 22 behind the traffic on right downwind”, but I was at right downwind 22. No make sense.

  • You forgot to send me the “exit runway” comand.

I recomend you to open any other airport with 2 paralel runways before your practical test.

Regards. Dani.

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Now Open

Now Closed

Alright. Overall it was fine, just some small things.
First of all, in the second pattern I was intentionally higher than I should be in altitude. You should have told me to descend to pattern altitude.
And at the end when I told you I was on left base for full stop, you didn’t have to reclear me to land as I was already cleared to land before. (For the option includes landing.)

But overall it was pretty good :)

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