Squawk codes in Live

Hello everyone!

I’ve been recently on FlightRadar’s blog and found an interesting topic about squawk codes. I thought that it will be much more interesting if we could have squawk codes in live!


  • When giving pushback instruction, ATC will have to submit a squawk code to the pilot which he will input into the special section in “Systems” panel.
  • If the code was not inserted, ATC will not be able to see plane’s information on ATC map. Only it’s position. (I mean speed, altitude ect. will not be shown)
  • In case of low fuel pilot will input Squawk 7700, which will notify ATC with a red colour on ATC display.
  • On Expert server ATC will have a right to ghost user for inappropriate use of squawk codes (entering 7700 without an emergency) or for not entering squawk at all.
  • Squawk code will be assigned with a random number generator. However, VFR flights will have to input 1200 in Northern America, 7000 in Europe, 0021 for German airspace (5000 feet and below), 0022 German airspace (above 5000 feet).

Emergency for ATC:

Normal ATC Display:

Pictures source: https://studentpilotnews.com/2017/04/10/atc-controller-sees-tech-tower/

Interesting topics:
Squawking 7700—An Air Traffic Controller’s Perspective on In-flight Emergencies
Squawking 7700—In-flight Emergencies from a Pilot’s Perspective

Very well put together

This should be put to rest;

However I dunno if we need this, I’m sure abuse will happen. Honestly we don’t really need it. If you have an emergency you tell ATC you’re out of gas.

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As we are striving for realism, I think it is a nice little feature which will as a lot of realism to the game:)


The only great thing I can see is being able to squawk 7600 when you have ATC issues, that way you don’t have to track down the controller and PM them


If you made it more simple I think it would be a pretty cool idea. Like if the E just popped on the data tag when someone called in with “emergency fuel”, would be a small detail that could help out ATC.

I like the squawk idea but it’s too early, when the expert server is more under control with less idiots and the majority are serious people only then yes it’s would be a very cool edition.


Thanks for the idea!


I think this should be included with clearance delivery. Without that frequency we can’t really do much

As I’ve said, when giving pushback instruction. Clearance delivery doesn’t seem possible as for me.


I think a controller manning a busy ground and tower doesn’t really have the time to give out the squawk code. Just my thoughts

It is very true. That’s why I proposed that squawk would be generated by the system so that ground controller would only press “cleared for pushback” and then choose “squawk” or “no squawk” option (no if VFR). System would then transmit a message to pilot “Cleared for pushback, Squawk 1642” for example

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How do you determine when theyre on the ground without clearence delivery?

Whether they have a flight plan or they don’t or when requesting pushback you can transmit “ready for pushback, VFR rules” or “ready for pushback, IFR rules”

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This sounds fair enough but kinda requires some changes without clearence delivery.

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This would be awesome good feature!

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I think it a great idea for expert server. It would add realism in the cockpit and the tower. If we were to put it on TS, most pilots will do 7500 and things would turn mayhem. But for expert, great idea!

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I really like this idea, but I’ve reached my voting limit… sorry.

Really great idea! There is i think an option on ATC that you can tell ATC if you’re low on fuel, but really great idea, but I think it should be put on Expert only, Why? Because some people don’t file flight plans and fly off and takeoff on the taxiways etc. Also should add a Delivery Frequency

This is an amazing idea, and would help ATC associate aircraft with their intentions and information! Wish I could spare a vote for this.

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Hmmm, I don’t see this being added with the current circumstances:

I think this would come along if Clearance Delivery Frequency was added and the squawk would be included in the IFR clearance.

I do think it can be abused but this can easily be solved by some kind of system to be implemented.

Would love to see it in the near future tho!

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Squawk 7500 where it would alert in a fighter jets within 200 miles would be awesome so you could intercept in an F 22 or other aircraft