Squawk 1112

I’ve been tracking a extremely important flight. I’ve notice that it has squawk 1112. Does anyone know what those it mean?

Looks like a generic code, the flight follows the same rules even though it’s filled with South African firefighters.

So it’s normal? I thought it was something else do to its importance of the flight

Each squawk code is significant in its own way.
A list of the codes’ translations can be found here:


1112 isn’t listed

Isn’t that in the 1100 section? I’m not sure to be honest. Maybe somebody else knows.

Yes, it’s just another aircraft to the ATC controllers. Every aircraft has a different code assigned to them as they cross airspace, it has no bearing on the significance of the flight in normal operations.


As long as it’s not 0000, 7500, 7600, 7700 or 7777, it should be normal

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