Squares over Greenland

Hmmmm… lets hope they fix this

Not really for me it only occurs in Greenland

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Not always the solution.

The OP specifically mentioned this in the initial post.

Now you’re just throwing our random ideas. Please do not reply unless you know how to solve the situation, or can point the user in the right direction.

If these questions do need to be asked, which some of your questions are fine, please consolidate them into one reply. This clears the thread from clutter.

Hey, Tyler!

I experienced this not too long ago when flying LLBG-KSFO. Coincidentally, it was over Greenland.

I think this has something to do with the scenery in Greenland, or lack thereof. It is odd that they only appear in the replay, though.

It is also possible that the scenery available has not loaded completely. I do find this unlikely, however.

I would suggest waiting for Seb, or another developer, to reply. They’ll know best.

Thanks for the report!


Excuse me, I was just trying to help.

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Btw I was waiting for answers for the questions in case one of them solved it.

To add onto Zack, sometimes if you don’t definitely know the answer, it’s better to leave the question to someone that does, that way we can ensure the advice being provided is correct and accurate. It also helps to condense the questions into one reply rather than 10.

If you have to say “maybe”, or “I think”, it means you don’t know the answer.

Nothing wrong with trying to help, but it doesn’t help if you don’t know the correct solution yourself.


Here’s another example of the problem

I believe this is a more like a common issue over flat terrain like desert, ocean etc.
Here’s what I saw above Shanghai

I restarted my app and device
Cleared scenery cache.

Anti-Aliasing might tax your device in terms of graphic performance - since this release is relatively new, some of these things are very sensitive to small bugs resulting in this. Whenever these bugs occur, it could mean one of two things: 1) A problem in the developing code/graphic engine 2) Your device processor can not handle it (it is trying to catch up but can’t which results in FPS drop).


  • Turn down overall graphics
  • Disable anti-aliasing
  • Clear scenery cache

If the issues persist after you have done all of those solutions, contact a developer here on the IFC.

Have a nice day :)



That’s just the way it is, and must be how the satellite photos were gathered.

In the picture above, you can clearly see the different squares with different color shades. I presume that’s just how the satellite data is rendered in IF.

Although I don’t recall this happening before 21.1…

It didn’t occur before 21.1

Must be something different with 21.1’s method of rendering graphics. Maybe the clouds impact it some how

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