Squares over Greenland

In the replay mode. When I am over Greenland I see squares and they seem to not go away

I restarted my app and device
Cleared scenery cache.

Maybe turn your graphics on low…

What device where you using?

iPad 6th generation 9.7” 2018

Do you have Anti Aliasing on?

Yes I do

Maybe turn that off…

Hope this helps

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No luck unfortunately

I see that the picture was in the replay, was it just in that?

Yea it’s just in replay mode

Oh… Maybe it’s the clouds…

What altitude were you at?

No not clouds. It’s set to clear and FL360-FL380

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Could be a direct issue with IF

What’s your scenery graphics at?

All high

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I got the same problem too.

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Definitely an issue with IF

This is with most areas around the Earth. Like, in the deserts.