Squares on the terrain - How to fix?

Hello, since some flights I see the terrain loading in squares. The squares wont go. It happens in deserts and plain zones when there is a lot of light.

I have all graphics on high, anti-aliasing off and yes, I restarted the app and it won’t go.


Those are Ortho tiles colliding, I think. There will be a small discrepancy in color.

They shouldn’t appear tho…

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Well, they do. It’s a natural occurrence when using Ortho on X-Plane.


Yeah well, but I asked my friends and they don’t have this issue

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In the same place? It will be less evident In forests and other covered areas.

Happened me in Oman, Pakistan and India. this week

Near Bhuj, India


I have experienced this a few times over the last couple months. Let me see if I can find any screenshots


It started after 21.1 and still hasn’t been fixed

Oh okay, like many other bugs that hasn’t been fixed… Well, we will have to wait

I have it too but i dont think that is a bug, more likely that the terrain satelite data that they have available is attaached on the earth in huge tiles (if u get what i mean)! My point is that i think every satelite images they have available is set up for each region in those tiles like in one tile there is a picture specific and in another the same! (My view of the situation)

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Because this is the only the current imagery we have available in Infinite Flight and with the Project Metal i think which is the backbone of all in IF, this will soon get fixed!

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I have this “problem” top.
It started when 21.1 came out

I noticed this when I was in the Raptor flying out of Qatar a month or so ago. However, I believe it is only noticeable when above FL400, which is when I first noticed it. Any lower and the tile boundaries are far enough in the distance that you can basically ignore them.

I too can get this issue, but that was because I was at several hundred thousand feet up

This is a known issue. Who knows when it will be fixed

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