SQ34 | WSSS - KSFO | Trip Report!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first-ever Trip Report on Infinite Flight! Feel free to leave some feedback/tips down below to help me improve on my next one! Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Flight Information

Route: WSSS - KSFO
Aircraft: A359 (Singapore Airlines Livery)
Flight Number: SQ34
Flight Time: 14 hours, 51 minutes

Good evening everyone! I was on a 2-week business trip to Singapore, and it is finally time to head back home to the Golden Gate City. After a 30-minute cab ride from the hotel, we made it to Singapore Changi International Airport. After waiting for what seemed like hours of waiting, I was through security and found myself walking to gate C25 to meet the beautiful sight of the A350-900 painted in the glorious Singapore Golden Livery. I quickly purchased some snacks and a bottle of water and headed back to my gate just in time for boarding. I managed to capture this great photo with the sun setting in the background!

After a short wait, it was time to board the plane. Using my Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer points, I booked a Premium Economy seat. A few minutes later, I was in seat 34G, where I would be spending the next 15 hours. The seat was very comfortable, with plenty of legroom and it turned into a fully reclinable bed! After scrolling through some movie options, and using the bathroom, it was time to return to my seat for Pushback.

After a very nice Safety Announcement, we were ready to taxi to runway 02L, for our departure to the North. It was a pretty short taxi taking only about 10 minutes. I looked out the window, and to my surprise, we were lined up, and ready for departure! The plane was very heavy with over 250 passengers, therefore it was a pretty long takeoff roll. V1 anddddd ROTATE!! We were now in the air with a nice view of another Singapore Airlines A350, headed to London Heathrow. Can you spot it?

After a short climb, we reached our first cruising altitude of 32,000 feet. For dinner, I chose to have Smoked Salmon and Ice cream for Dessert. The service and food were excellent, and I really enjoyed having some nice food in comparison to the terrible peanuts and sandwiches on other low-class airlines. Here’s a nice gloomy view of the South China sea, which was the last time we would see Land for another 10 hours!

After a few movies, and listening to music I decided to head to sleep. Although I usually find it hard to fall asleep on flights, I dozed off quickly and woke up 8 hours later being greeted with some breakfast. I looked onto the television screen map, and found myself over American land!

A few hours later, we were already descending into San Fransisco, with a nice announcement from the captain explaining the weather, and some connecting flight information. I got this nice photo of the Golden Gate Bridge as we turned for our final approach into runway 28L.

My friend was working in his office building, and turns out he was stalking me on FlightRadar24! He quickly ran to his window, and got this amazing shot of me at 2,500 feet, ready for landing.

A few minutes later I happened to look outside the window and saw another plane parallel to us on approach into 28R! This was a majestic sight, that is pretty popular when landing in San Fransisco. This was an Aer Lingus A330, arriving from Dublin International Airport.

After a very smooth landing, and 15 long hours we arrived in San Fransisco, with the weather being 26 degrees celsius! Here’s a shot from the control tower, which was generous enough to send me this photo.

Sadly, with so many passengers, de-planing took a while. Before leaving the aircraft, I got a final glimpse of the cockpit with the 4 pilots who helped take me all the way from Asia to North America! What a great flight it has been.

If you made it all the way here, thank you so much! It has been very fun writing my first trip report, and I hope you like it! As always please provide some feedback, and tips down below to help me improve my next one! Also, feel free to add route suggestions for future trip reports. Thank you guys, and see you at the next one!


Great tripreport especially for your first one, the shots were amazing!


Fancy tripreport! Hope to see another one on another flight soon ;).

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Thank you so much! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. See you in the next one hopefully! :)

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Thank you very much! :)

These photos are amazing! As well as your narration to what’s happening. I love that parallel landing at SFO. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you man, I appreciate the nice comment. We love to see parallel landings, especially at SFO.

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really enjoyed it! hope to catch you on a flight soon!

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Thank you! Glad to hear you liked it… :) See you in my next one!

Amazing pictures! And a great tripreport. Lovely to read this! :)

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Thank you for the very nice reply! Glad to hear you enjoyed reading it. See you in the next one! :)

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Excellent first trip report, i laugh some moment when you say that your friend was running to his window for seeing you 🤣 ! Masterpiece! 👏

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Thank you very much mate! Glad you enjoyed. Have a great day, and safe flying! :)

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Great narration, and the photos are amazing!

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Thank you very much! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :D

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