SQ23 John F Kennedy to Singapore

Finally have the time to fly the longest route with the actual equipment used in real life (A350). Estimated flight time was 17hrs 58min, but the strong tailwind after takeoff has shortened the flight to around 14hrs, woohoo! Currently flying on casual server, above CYGP@FL320, good day pilots!


Nice shot there! Unfortunately you have to follow these steps as HUD in screenshots is not allowed

Thanks for the reminder, they should be fine now, safe flight!

How on earth can tailwinds shorten the flight by 4 hours?!?!

Did you have like 200kt tailwinds the entire flight?

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Departed around 1.5 hrs ago and tailwind was like 125-135kts and continued up till now, I was amazed by that cuz I literally took 100% fuel for the ULR flight

It might not be the case when the plane turned south tho…let’s see how it goes

I’d also suggest putting photos After because then the photos will be cut