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Welcome aboard, Sprint Air, the next big thing. Thank you for stopping by our thread. Sprint Air is a fictional airline based around diversity. Our main hub is based out of John F Kennedy International Airport in New York and our secondary hub is based out of Los Angeles International Airport in California. The airline was created in June 2017 by JayTasch126. The staff of Sprint Air is looking to have the most professional airline as possible whilst having a good atmosphere for all our members. Below you will find more information regarding the airline.

Our Website

At Sprint Air we have a vast fleet of aircraft that our members will be able to fly

  • Boeing 717-200

  • Airbus 320

  • Boeing 737 Series

  • Boeing 757-200

  • Boeing 787 Series

  • Boeing 747-8

  • Airbus 380-800

At Sprint Air we have over 60 global routes that our members can fly and the amount of routes we have will increase over time. The routes we currently have are US to US, US to Europe, US to Asia, US to Australia, and US to the Caribbean routes.

As our members fly for us they will accumulate hours which will help them increase their rank and give them the opportunity to fly more aircraft.

Ranking System

Junior First Officer - Fly the 717-200 and A320: 0-5 Hrs

First Officer - Can fly the 737 series and below : 6-15 Hrs

Second Officer - Can fly the 757-200 and below: 16-25 Hrs

Captain - Can fly the 787 series and below: 26-40 Hrs

Senior Officer - Can fly the 747-8 and below: 41-60 Hrs

Chief Pilot - Can fly the A380-800 and below: 61-80 Hrs

The staff at Sprint isn’t here to knock you down and make you not want to be apart of this airline but they want you and the airline to strive and progress as much as possible. This is all because of our awesome staff.

Current Staff

Staff Member

Jay Tasch - CEO

Open Position - Deputy President

Open Position - Flight Logger

Open Position - Human Resource

Open Position - Events Manager

As you can see there are open staff positions. To apply for staff go to the Sprint Air website and go to the Join Us tab and fill out a staff application

Join Us
To join Sprint Air go to the Join Us tab on the website and fill out the pilot application and a staff member will get back to you within 48 hours

If you have any questions leave a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Once again thank you for stopping by and reading our thread.


You might want to sort out some of this formatting. Otherwise, nice thread!


Ya thank you I Just did

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Cool! Nice, i would joun but I don’t have live (sad life)

I Like the VA, but dont you think the rank requirements are a bit excessive? In order to be a chief pilot i need 81 hours. Kinda too much and dont think anyone will get chief pilot if you have that many hours in order to progress. I Like the VA and i think it’ll do good, but too much time for the ranks. Great luck! :)

Hey thank you for the feedback I will see how I want to change it and I’ll go from there

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Not sure what these are 😉. Seems a professional airline, nice work!


Hey thank you for stopping by not sure what that totally was but I fixed it.


Love this!!! Might look at applying?

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Looks good, good luck with the VA.

Just a point of order, a Second Officer is normally junior then a First Officer. Perhaps change the name to Senior First Officer?


I’m going to apply for a pilot position! I like your stuff you got here. Congrats!


It is the 747-8 not 747-800, please change that.

This looks like a very promising airline. You guys have also made it very neat and professional looking. Greta job and best of luck!

@Kevin_Potthast I don’t see how it’s such a big deal to be honest, I mean, it means the same thing 🤷🏼‍♂️.

roger just changed it

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Best of luck to you. I am a little curious what your plan is before global as all you have available to fly are routes for once Global is out. Do you have any plans for pre-Global routes? There is no mention of what routes you can currently fly on your website or on your Thread. Just some advice, including what routes someone can fly is a good way to attract pilots.

Nice logo. Wonder who created that for you. 😉

Thank you, your website is good and your thread is very nice.

Hey thanks for the advice for pre global the pilots are able to fly at their discretion. I’m primarily focusing on global cause it is just around the corner

Sprint Air is up and running looking for pilots and potential staff members

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I have sent in 2 applications with no response. wondering If your still recruiting.

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