Sprint Air Flight for Florida @ KMIA - 261900ZSEP17

As you all may know Hurricane Irma, which was a category 3 hurricane, recently went through Florida and destroyed parts of the state. Many families and areas were affected by either the lose of power, flooding of towns and even peoples homes. As a due of respects to all of those affected I would like to do a flight around Southern Florida to the areas that were affected by the hurricane.

Irma image

Server: TS1

Region: Southern Florida

Airport: KMIA

Time: 1900Z

Aircraft: 787 Series

NOTAM: We will be making stops at areas affected by Hurricane Irma. The following stops will be included KRSW,KTPA, and KPBI. We will start out journey at KMIA and we will be using terminal J. From KMIA-KRSW and KRSW-KTPA we will cruise at flight level 140 and between 250 and 270 kt . From KTPA-KPBI we will fly at flight level 210 and between 290-310 kt. Upon arrivial at each airport we will wait a couple of minutes so that all pilots have the opportunity to land. while waiting photos are adviced. We will be using the 787 series for the event

Available Gates

Terminal J10: @Harun_Koyuncu

Terminal J11: @CaptainObvious

Terminal J12: @Adel_Toubeh

Terminal J14: @Callum_mcgarvey

Terminal J15: @JayTasch126

Terminal J16: @Tellmenoob2

Terminal J18: @Redrobster2478

Terminal J2: @Tyler_Lewandowski

Terminal J3: @James_Parker_dyer

Terminal J4: @Captain28

Terminal J5: @Swiss

Terminal J6: @TylerLewandows3

Terminal J7:

Terminal J8:

Terminal J9:

If you would like to learn more about Sprint Air you can go over to our Official Thread or if you would like to join the VA you can go to our Website as well. As the CEO of Sprint Air I hope to see you at the event and around the next big thing


Just saying… the first thing that came to mind about this flight plan… was it looks like a D*** and *****… guess I have a messed up mind😜


Wow lol I just saw that. Would you like a gate?

I am not sure as of yet. I will be working. But I will let you know!

Lmao 😂 im tracking. No reason why you can’t fly an east-west leg across the middle and look out from both the right & left windows.

Hello !
Can i have a Gate please ?

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Hey J10 is yours see you there

Would you like a gate?

Thank You Gate 10 is Perfect

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Can I take a gate? This looks pretty cool

Sure J11 is yours see you there

Can I take a gate please

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Yup you sure can J12 is yours

Hey. Would you like me to hop on ATC for the flights. Once everyone departs, I can switch over to the next airport.

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Sure if you would like. You would then meet us at KRSW

Can I join please and what plane

Can I join please and what aircraft

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Ya see you at the event you have gate J14

We will be using the 787 series

Can i join? I like this event.

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