Spring trip to Colombia ( FLIGHT 3 )

Before we get on this flight, My previous post about the inbound from Florida ( the AA 737 and the LATAM A320 ) was locked, im going to reupload those pictures as 2 separate posts to stay under the 10 picture limit but anyways here we go.

1st time in San Andrés was great, I did all sorts of fun stuff I never thought I’d do in Colombia like Parasailing, Snorkling etc… but now we head back to Cali,

Origin: Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Intl ( SKSP )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl ( SKCL )
Flight Time 1:38
Airbus A320 ( LATAM )
Server: Training

Here is the view of our plane tickets who came in from our capital of Bogotá ( SKBO )

Like before we boarded with the use of stairs which is such a great fleeing

Soon enough, we were airborne we did have a bit of crosswinds but not as bad as our departure from Cali to San Andrés

This seat for sure gave us a good view of Panama 🇵🇦

It also gave us a great view of Cali

Soon enough we were on the ground, welcome back to Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl Airport ( SKCL )

I was now here until Saturday until my flight on another AA 737-800 back to the USA, stay tuned for that flight ;)


Nice photos and great commentary!