Spring trip to Colombia ( FLIGHT 2 )

Just like the previous post it was locked due to too many pictures so this is a redo, anyways let’s get started!

I’ve been in Cali for about 15 hours now got in at around 2pm and now at about 6am I’m supposed to board a LATAM A320 for San Andrés, But this time im not by myself, I was taking my cousin with me. I also decided to ( or try to ) stay up for 24 hours straight but now we head back to the airport to catch this 1 hour and 30 minute flight to San Andrés

Origin: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl ( SKCL )
Destination: Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Intl ( SKSP )
Flight Time: 1:32
Airbus A320 ( LATAM )
Server: Training

Here we are at our gate, got ourselves a Powerade and a view of our LATAM A320 who came in from Medellín-JMC ( SKRG )

I sat in the front so I was one of the first to board and deplane which made me much happier :)

Take off was pretty rough because it was really windy and our pilot wasn’t very experienced with crosswind take offs

But this view of us leaving Cali behind was really nice with the sunrise :D

We flew over Panamá 🇵🇦 with most of the cabin including my cousin asleep except for me and yes I did succeed in making it 24 hours without sleeping now I wanted to see how long I could last

The approach into San Andres was really nice we were pretty much over water the entire time and it did feel like we were about to land in the water until I magically saw the coast along with the RWY that’s something strange about about aviation I do enjoy

The touchdown was much smoother than our take off but than again, we didn’t have to deal with any wind issues this time but anyways welcome to Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Intl Airport ( SKSP )

This was also a first for me, using air stairs when deplaning and being up close and personal with the aircraft was amazing I snagged this shot 📸, we were now off to find a place for breakfast since we were both hungry and to drop off our bags in our rented apartment, rent a little buggy and go around the island, hope you enjoyed this trip report :)