Spring trip to Colombia ( FINAL FLIGHT )

I’ve been home for a week now after a lovely trip down to Colombia 🇨🇴 it was great to see all my friends and family but every good thing must come to an end so let’s get this trip started!

I woke up at 10:00AM asked my friend to take me to Cali’s Airport I needed to get there an extra hour early than normal since I’m departing Internationally to Miami just in case something happened in Emigration control, also got this amazing milkshake from a restaurant in the airport.

Origin: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl ( SKCL )
Destination: Miami Intl ( KMIA )
Flight Time: 3:06
Boeing 737-800 ( American Airlines )
Server: Training

After Emigration, Security and picking up random things from a Duty Free shop, we have arrived at Gate D17 where our Boeing 737-800 who pulled in from Miami was waiting to return back home along with myself!

At first, I was planned to be in MCE ( Main Cabin Extra ) but I got a last minute upgrade to first class because of my status with AA! I got to my seat it was what I expected for domestic first hopefully I will get to do it on a Widebody but anyways this was my view :)

We took off on time! For our 3 hour flight to MIA, wish I could say the same for the Spirit flight that departs Cali around the same time bound for nearby Ft Lauderdale ( KFLL ) but it had issues on the flight to Cali so it couldn’t return home on time, but till the next time Cali ;)😉

Service was delayed once we climbed up to cruise due to turbulence but here is a view of Antioquia, Colombias 2nd most populated department.

While in between Colombia 🇨🇴 and Jamaica 🇯🇲
the captain showed us about another AA 737-800 going to Cali and we were both expected to land at the same time.

The flight was soon coming to a close and this was a first for me, arriving from South America using RWY 26L usually, we always use RWY 09 or RWY 30 but the winds wanted to be different today, this provided and epic view of Miami but the view on the other side was much better

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Miami Intl Airport and the end of this trip, taxi was short because we were much closer to the AA terminal than we would normally.

Here’s one last view of our 737-800 before we head to the worst part of Intl travel, Passport Control 🛂 besides I still had to wait for my bags, and needed to drive 1 hour north back to Palm Beach, but thanks for coming along with me on these 4 flights! 😉👋❤️


Very nice trip review! I love the photos and the route. Have a great rest of your day!