Spring Spotting @ Munich (EDDM/MUC) - Part 3

Hey again!

Spring 2018 was special for Munich Airport: With the beginning of the summer schedule on March 25, Lufthansa moved 5 Airbus A380-800s to operate the flights to Beijing, Hongkong and Los Angeles. The first arrival of D-AIMB (named “München”) on it’s ferry flight turned into a huge event even for people who are not usually watching planes. In exchange for the A380s, some of the A340-600s were moved to Frankfurt. One of the reasons why I managed to go spotting at Munich 4 times within a month. Since I have too many pictures to share them all at once, I made this a little series with 3 or 4 episodes, today continuing with my pictures from March 10 when I returned from Reykjavik onboard Icelandair’s Hekla Aurora. Since the weather was quite bad when we arrived I used the chance to play around with some more excessive editing. I hope you like it!

In case you missed my part 1 with LH’s first scheduled A380 flight from Munich and a lot of special planes, check it out here.
Part two with @Lolo31R can be accessed here.

Let’s kick this thread off with a speical livery that doesn’t exist anymore by now. Lufthansa’s A340-600 (D-AIHZ named “Leipzig”) with FC Bayern München Sickers blasting out of a wet Runway 26R. This aircraft has since been moved to operate from Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) starting with the summer schedule. Since FC Bayern München has chosen Qatar Airways as new airline partner and due to the positioning to Frankfurt the stickers have been peeled off.

Not only in the real aviation world its a hot topic, it also is one in the IF community - A350 or Dreamliner? In this pic you have both. ANA’s Boeing 787-9 (JA871A) taxiing to the gate after a long flight from Tokio Haneda Airport while Lufthansa’s A350-900XWB (D-AIXE) is taking off towards a destination in the US.
Instead of starting yet another argument about this topic, state your opinion here - What aircraft do you like better?

  • A350
  • Dreamliner

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Another Lufthansa A340-600 helping to dry the runway from the rain. In contrast to many other Lufthansa planes, this one isn’t named after a city.

Yet another shot of D-AIXE A350-900XWB operated by Lufthansa. Due to it’s young age it will be one of the last planes to be painted in the new Lufthansa scheme. The first A350 in the new scheme has been delivered in early March.

And here’s the reason I was at the airport. Icelandair’s B757-200 TF-FIU “Hekla” in the Aurora special livery. I arrived on this aircraft only an hour earlier. Due to heavy snowfall in Reykjavik we arrived almost 3 hours late. Here you can see the plane taxiing for departure back to Iceland…

…and eventually taking off into the thick dark clouds over Munich airport.

To get an impression of which weather conditions we faced in Reykjavik, check out my flight video of flight FI532 KEF-MUC on March 10 including the full flight and the ground and deicing action prior to departure: https://youtu.be/msem6ZyQHzg

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Nice photos! I like this airport.
and I’m also glad to see the A340 still operating.

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Loved the shot of the a350 and 787!

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Fresh from today at EDDM :)

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