Spring Spotting @ Munich (EDDM/MUC) - Part 2 with Lorenzo

Hey again!

Spring 2018 was special for Munich Airport: With the beginning of the summer schedule on March 25, Lufthansa moved 5 Airbus A380-800s to operate the flights to Beijing, Hongkong and Los Angeles. The first arrival of D-AIMB (named “München”) on it’s ferry flight turned into a huge event even for people who are not usually watching planes. In exchange for the A380s, some of the A340-600s were moved to Frankfurt. One of the reasons why I managed to go spotting at Munich 4 times within a month. Since I have too many pictures to share them all at once, I made this a little series with 3 or 4 episodes, continuing with my pictures from March 30 when I met @Lolo31R for a nice spotting day (His pictures taken that day can be found here). This day didn’t feature that many special liveries but still quite a few waving pilots and later that day I finally managed to try a new location I wanted to visit for quite some time already.

In case you missed my part 1 with LH’s first scheduled A380 flight from Munich and a lot of special planes, check it out here.

I don’t want to keep you away from my pics any longer so lets start:

Let’s start the action with this Lufthansa A350-900XWB inbound from a destination in North America crossing a British Airways A320 waiting for departure to London Heathrow at Runway 08L

Only a few seconds later D-AIXG called “Mannheim” touched down burning some rubber on Munich’s northern runway

While I initially saw Air Baltic’s CS300 scheduled for the daily flight from Riga, the airline’s Boeing 737-500 operated the rotation that day. While Riga is located north of Munich, the return flight still departed from the southern runway contradicting with the usual runway usage at EDDM. This constellation allowed for the following picture showing Munich’s iconic tower with a smokey Boeing departing

Usually the spot right north of Terminal 1 provides a good sight on the landings when the wind is blowing from the east making the 08s the runways in use. Since the spot is located not even a fourth down the runway, takeoffs take place relatively far away making proper pictures somewhat impossible. This was different for this A319-100 D-AILY called “Schweinfurt” after a city in Franconia in the north of the German state of Bavaria. Being very light on its short haul flight it started its climb out extremely early allowing for a nice picture in the initial climb

A somewhat rare sight in the time after airberlin’s bankruptcy - After the takeover of NIKI by Lufthansa failed due to monopoly concerns, Eurowings was struggling to fulfill the flight schedules due to a lack of aircraft available. This resulted in lots of different airlines operating for Lufthansa’s LCC. This time, we didn’t get a germanwings, Small Planet, CSA or Laudamotion plane (Since Laudamotion is cooperating with Ryanair now, flights for Eurowings operated by Niki Lauda’s new airline will soon be a thing of the past again) but a real Eurowings A320 with its blue wingtip fences

Even with low cost becoming more important in Munich again (Ryanair visits the airport daily on a rotation from Dublin and Eurowings based its first A330 at Munich a few days ago. Of course, other LCCs like Norwegian, EasyJet or transavia fly to Munich as well, however, transavia has given up its base at Munich with the winter schedule 2017/18), Munich remains a main hub for Lufthansa and its subsidiary Lufthansa Cityline as it can be seen in this crowed pic featuring a CRJ-900 slowing down with another one taxiing for departure and an A320 equipped with sharklets being towed to its departure gate

While the upcoming picture featuring a Boeing 737 operating the daily EL AL flight to Tel Aviv might not look exceptionally aesthetically, it shows an interesting procedure I wasn’t aware of until I had visited an airport tour during the christmas market taking place between the terminals every year. Many of you might now that EL AL is using anti missile equipment on civil aircraft. What you probably haven’t seen yet is the Israeli plane being escorted to the runway by an armored car of the German Federal Police. Whenever the EL AL flight is taxiing at Munich airport, it will be accompanied. Another security measure for Israel-bound flights at Munich is the use of Terminal 1F for the handling. Hall F is located far off from the main Terminal 1 building surrounded by a steel wall next to Terminal 2 and is used for security-sensitive flights meaning all passengers with destination Israel will need to go through there. PAX flying on Lufthansa will be driven to Terminal 2 once the checks in 1F are done while EL AL passengers will be taken directly to the plane parked on a remote stand at the Terminal 1 apron.

Only a few minutes after the Israeli plane had left, Saudia’s A320 arrived from Riyadh and did a very late landing as a result of a long flare meaning that the touchdown took place right in front of our lenses.

Being a fan of turboprops can be quite frustrating at Munich Airport. Even though many short haul flights are operated to and from Munich, only very little are executed with prop planes like the Dash 8 of Luxair. Apart from Luxair, only VLM (Fokker 50), Croatian (Dash 8) and Skyworx (Saab 2000) and sometimes Eurowings (Dash 8) or Air Baltic (Dash 8) fly scheduled services with prop planes regularly

The Munich area is quite popular with Arabs for Health Care and it’s shopping opportunities. This results in 3 daily flights from Dubai and two flights from Doha and Abu Dhabi in addition to the flights by Saudi Arabian Airlines seen earlier and the daily flights from Muscat, Oman. Seen here is the midday arrival of Emirates’ A380 taxiing to parking position 113X. Due to the fact that the position is facing slightly south instead of being positioned at a 90° angle to the taxiway, all A380 flights handled at Terminal 1 (at this time, this only applies to Emirates) land on the northern runway 08L/26R.

Munich and the surrounding scenic area with the alps is not only popular with people from the Middle East. Russian Airlines like S7, Aeroflot or Rossiya operate several flights to Munich from Moscow’s various airports or Saint Petersburg. Also, UTAir is a frequent visitor. Seen here is an A320 of Aeroflot (or rather its crew) taxiing in to the west apron after the arrival from Domodedovo Airport.

As you may have realized already, the weather at Munich was quite dark and grey so far. While the weather forecast predicted a sunny spring day, the morning was quite cloudy and the sun didn’t come out. This only canged around midday, when the sun found some gaps in the clouds. That allowed for some interesting shots with bright planes and dark clouds in the background like this beacon shot of Lufthansa’s second A350 -XB named after the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, while it was taxiing for departure to the US.

You probably remember that I promised at least some special liveries. I don’t want to disappoint you. As we’ve taken these pics on the day before easter, the livery on SunExpress’s Boeing 737-800 was quite fitting. While it should usually land on Runway 08R arriving from Antalya we were lucky to get the “Peter Hase” (Peter Rabbit) Movie Livery right in front of us.

And while we’re at it, here’s another rare plane at Munich. In fact it was the first time I’ve seen it flown by SAS - The Airbus A320neo taxiing for takeoff to Stockholm.

Well, enough specials for now, let’s get back to the daily business ;) Well, not entirely normal yet but we’re getting more used to it - Lufthansa’s mighty whale taxiing for it’s noon departure to LAX

Something you can be sure about when going spotting to Munich together with @Lolo31R - waving pilots. You might recognize this plane if you have seen his pictures

From tiny regional jets again back to some intercontinental flight and another beacon shot - United Airlines is a quite frequent visitor in the morning with flights to Newark, Washington DC and Houston all year long and seasonal flights to San Francisco with United’s Dreamliner. Seen here is one of the two daily flights operated with a 777

With the time passing, the weather improved more and more. That’s why this Singapore Airlines A350 needed some more editing than the Air Baltic 737 earlier to look somewhat good. Hope you like it nevertheless!

Probably everyone has his opinion about Lufthansa’s new livery. Some hate it, some love the clean look. Have another close look with this A321 named “Freudenstadt im Schwarzwald” that had just arrived back from the paint shop in Ostrava 5 days before we spotted it.

Of course, you also need a comparison to rate the new livery. So here’s a closer look on Lufthansa’s new retro livery. But there’s also something brand new in the pic. The A320 equipped with sharklets is being towed by Munich Airport’s freshly delivered Goldhofer Phoenix tug to a remote position between two flights.

While we are at comparing liveries, why not include this Frankfurt-based beauty? Lufthansa’s retro painted A321 paid a visit to us right after we finished our lunch break. Just enjoy the upcoming series including a closeup as well as a nice shot with the city and cathedral of Freising in the background.

What? You are wondering where we had our lunch break? Oh, no you didn’t…Well, I could have expected that. I just needed something to transition to the following picture. Another nice place to shoot pictures at Munich and the place where we spent our break is the parking garage P20. From the 11th floor you have a nice overview of the southern runway where Thai’s B747 is scheduled to depart at 1425L every day. A little challenge at this spot is the potential backlight. However, if the sky is very clear, you can see the alps and Munich’s skyline in front perfectly.

Since @Lolo31R had to leave early, I later proceeded to the end of runway 08R to shoot some new motives on short final and it actually turned out to be a great idea. The first plane I caught was LATAM’s A350 approaching from Doha for Qatar Airways.

Catching A7-AMA was actually a lucky move. The picture below just became the first picture I managed to get into Jetphotos’ data base.

Holiday season hasn’t really started yet and won’t kick off until late May when Lufthansa will even use its A340-600 for holiday flights to Mallorca. Nevertheless, I got this closeup of TUIfly’s Boeing 737-800 seconds from touchdown.

Not only commercial aviation is present in Munich though. Also General Aviation makes a large amount of the traffic. BMW operates a large fleet of private aircraft but also many VIPs visit Munich frequently. Even the King of Thailand is coming to Munich with his 737s regularly. This time it “only” was a flight from Switzerland for this Dassault Falcon 900LX.

Before we come back to special planes, let’s welcome some more holiday makers but also business people arriving from Barcelona on this vueling A320 inbound from El Prat airport.

You’re a fan of the new Lufthansa livery? You’re lucky! Look who’s back - we’ve seen this freshly painted bird earlier today!

A picture I enjoy very much and which I think makes for a great wallpaper: (Wait, is that tail blue or black?)

Since Lufthansa’s A380 is flying to and from Beijing, we have a new spotting lottery at Munich - Where will it land? While it arrives from the north making the northern runway the better choice, operation via 08R will help shorten the taxi times to position 250 extensively. I was lucky right on the first try! See the mighty bird landing with some crossing traffic overhead

The last special and last overall plane in this thread was a “little” upgrade. Instead of the usual A320 family plane, Turkish Airlines sent me an Airbus A330 from Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

I hope you enjoyed the selection of my pictures so far. I'm actually impressed you didn't give up during the course of this big selection! In case you love a photo so much you want to use it as a wallpaper for your computer or something else, feel free to message me to get the full size image (The images in this thread have been compressed and scaled to reduce file sizes). I'm looking forward to your feedback and to uploading another set of pics from other occasions I visited the airports in the last weeks!

Feel free to follow me on twitter and Instagram for more plane pictures!

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Can you book me on a flight to EDDM so I can go spotting there? Thanks.


I’d try, but I guess that would only work if I had 5 dollars for every pic I posted in this thread lol

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It’s only $170? Dude I’ll pay that (assuming it’s not Ryanair, Spirit, or a crap budget airline).

Damn, you actually counted the pics? 😂

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Great shots Moritz, a lot of effort was put into these pictures and this post, I actually felt like I was spotting at Munich with those neat captions under the shots. Looks great, I look foward to seeing more posts such as these.

Keep up the great work,
Stay Humble!
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Nice Pics. Whats your equipment (Lens) ?

Part 2 is just as entertaining as part 1. Nice pictures!

I never knew the a380 could get into Munich

Peter haaaaaaseeee 😍🔥 great pics men! I’ll share mine after my berlin “trip”


These pics are AWESOME

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Those are some awesome shots, thanks for sharing @Moritz, I really love the A380 shots and the new LH livery 😍

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These are some amazing pics. I recently flew to and from Munich on the Lufthansa A380 to Beijing which I think was ‘Munchen’. I am wondering what date that pic was taken ? As I may have been flying on that aircraft.

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Thanks for your great feedback guys! (And thanks as well for not giving up in the middle of this avalanche of pictures 😉)

The pictures were taken using my Canon EOS 80D with Canon‘s 55-250mm lens

The date was March 30. I also got a departure to Beijing on April 11 though and at least saw the arrival on April 11 taking place on 08L while I was at 08R. Glad you liked the pictures!


I just started spotting aircrafts and I thought it would be awesome if some of you like professionals can give some tips :). Here are some of the Pictures I took from my backyard on planes landing runway 22 and taking off from runway 04. IMG_6093IMG_6049IMG_5934IMG_5880IMG_6015IMG_6146IMG_6215IMG_6079IMG_5669
It’s gotta be a doggo at last :P
EDIT: I took multiple pictures of the same plane for variety of angle.


Beautiful pictures! Closeups are the best!


Awesome photos! :P
Really lvoe them


My tip is that you should get Lightroom on mobile,
if you need tips about that then feel free to ask me
aviation.cph/ferraril0v3r on instagram, but you can PM me here.

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That wasn’t me then, I went out on the 28th March and came back on 6th April. At least it’s the same bird I flew on

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@Moritz Absolutely amazing photos.
Can ya PM me your second photo (the a350 touchdown)?

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