Spring Spotting | @KDEN 4/2/21

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Welcome back to another spotting topic!
We’re back home in Denver for this topic. Yesterday I went out to DEN with a few friends from 3-6:30pm. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with gorgeous weather. It was a pretty good day yesterday. I got a few specials and a diversion, along with some cargo planes.

For this first shot we have a military charter operated by a National A330. This plane was supposed to land at COS but it made one landing attempt there and then it diverted to DEN for some reason. This plane would later leave for COS at around 6pm.

Next up we have a southwest 737-700 wearing the retro livery. Personally, I don’t like this livery. The colors just don’t go well together.

Here’s an ABXair 767-200 rolling down the taxiway after arriving from Cincy

Next up is a United 737-800 arriving on runway 35L from Nashville. I did not know that this plane was coming till it was on short final lol.

Here we have a United 737 MAX 9 arriving from Baltimore. Personally, I think the old livery looks better on the MAX than the new livery.

Here we have a Southwest 737-700 arriving from Charleston in the canyon blue livery @Luke_Sta

Next we have a United 737-800 seconds from touchdown on 35L arriving from Austin. The lighting couldn’t have been any better for this picture.

Next up is a United 737-800 in the new evo blue livery seconds from touchdown on 35L arriving from Miami.

Here is a United A319 throwing it down on runway 35L arriving from New Orleans.

Finally, we have a FedEx 767-300F taxing onto the cargo ramp after arriving from Memphis. “The World On Time” coincidentally arriving 2 hours late.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm & Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop


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Lighting and the photos are very nice!!!

Awesome Job Tyler


Thank you mason!

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This was one of my favorite parts 😂

Great photos!

Thank you!

yummy oatmeal

Come get yo mans @AndrewWu

Hi did I hear oatmeal?

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The United shots are just 🔥!

Great job!

In my opinion, that Southwest retro livery is one of the best retros out there! Nice shots aswell🔥

Yes luke said oatmeal


Thank you!

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Good shots!! Wish I could have stayed longer, looks like you got some good ones after I left!

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Wish you could’ve stayed longer too. The lighting got real nice towards the evening.

Great light conditions, great perspectives and really cool planes, what more could a #real-world-aviation:spotting topic need?

Really a very nice topic with very well made pictures, thanks for sharing!

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