Spring break vacation to Seoul! KDFW-RKSI trip report!

Hello guys! I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon and if your on spring break I hope you are enjoying it too! Anyways I have been planning his trip for months and now it’s finally here! Believe it or not this is my first time heading to east Asia because I mostly travel to Europe or the Middle East, but I am thrilled that I am heading to Seoul this wonderful morning! The flight was long but it was great, I was in flagship business class and it was super comfortable and the flight was a little turbulent especially over Alaska and Canada, but it was fine! I hope you all enjoy!

Flight number: American 127
Airplane: Boeing 777-200ER
Route: Dallas/Fort Worth(KDFW)-Incheon(RKSI)
Flight time: 14 hours and 41 minutes
Server: Training

Here is our good old B772! About to board at gate D25!

Here is my seat 4A! It looks very comfortable greeting me with a pillow, blanket, menu, amenity kit, and even a pre departure water! And also a wonderful view out the window, that’s why when I fly on widebodys, I’m always on the A side!

Taxing to runway 36R in this beautiful beast!

Taking off runway 36R at 8:09 am, off we go!

Seoul here we come, goodbye Dallas/Fort Worth!

It has been around 6 hours since we took off! We are currently over the coast of Alaska at FL340, I am having a couple of rolls with a gourmet cheese plate with the smell of body lotion inside the cabin, probably from the amenity kits but it smells good! I am also currently watching a movie on the inflight entertainment system! There isn’t really too much to see out the window.

It has been a little under 11 hours since we took off and we are flying over Russia at FL380, I am currently having a wonderful ice cream sundae the the wonderful flight attendants made for me! I just got up from a wonderful nap, the seat is just too comfortable and super easy to fall asleep in! We have only 4 hours left in our flight here!

Good afternoon Seoul!

We just landed and exiting runway 16, it is 12:13 pm here in Seoul rn! Man this country is beautiful!

After a long 14 hours, we are here! Thank you American Airlines for such a nice flight out to South Korea! The seat was very cozy and the service was pretty good, with good wifi! I can’t wait to fly this airline again when I head back to Dallas in 2 weeks! But anyways I am gonna go to the baggage claim, get a rental car since driving is pretty much the same here as back in the United States, but thank you again American Airlines for this wonderful flight!

Thank you for coming along and here is the replay!

Have an amazing rest of your day everyone!


Which airline should I fly going back to the USA from RKSI? It won’t be a trip report, just a screenshot topic, the trip report will be RKSI-KDFW on American.

Which airline?

  • Delta
  • United
  • American

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Thank you for the likes! Please vote on what airline I should fly next out of RKSI?

You should do the return flight on Korean Air 787-9

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Nah I only fly the airlines that are listed as my favourite on my bio.

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Looks like I’m flying delta! You will find out what route in a couple of days!

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its a great trip report very nice its just that american dont use the b772 to fly into incheon instead they use the dreamliner and i think you should do american as the return flight because it will make sense that you used it to fly there


oh i was looking at the return flight back my bad


I did this flight in January and that’s when AAL127 flew from KDFW-RKSI on their B772.

Coming back to KDFW I will fly the B789, trip report coming out in 2 weeks!

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i knew they operated their dreamliners to rksi