Spring Break Trip 2018

It’s a very full flight they just said, but I’m in row 3 (aka semi First Class) so I can see the wind shield of the aircraft

The cockpit door isn’t closed yet?


I see you United Stabilizer! <3



Can’t tell from here, there’s a $&@& ton of people boarding now. Also, you found me!

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Detaching and pushing back soon, gotta turn off the devices, see ya all soon!

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Safe Travels!! :) 👋🏻

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Fly Safe, squawk 7500 (Or 7700) and always scare nervous travelers!

Are you taking Royal Caribbean? I was close to goign on that cruise two years ago but we chose a different Caribbean cruise

What’s Virgin America? Never heard of them. I’ve heard of Alaska Airlines though!

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I love that place, but In-N-Out is better tasting in my opinion. :)

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Hey ya’ll, just touched down, at luggage carousel picking up bags now! Here are some pictures from the flight .


No, I’m taking Carnival, but RC is great too!


Ok, so what do you guys want to see the most

  • St. Maarten Landings.
  • The Flight back home…

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I’m very confused… I thought you said that you were taking a cruise to SXM

I am taking a cruise there…

Is that an Alaska a320 that I see?

Bit late to answer, but Alaska and Virgin received their Single Operating Certificate a couple months ago. The plane will have a VA livery and interior, but it officially operates under the Alaska callsign and name.

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Yes I love VX!! So happy for this news!

Not to ruin it, but that basically means that until the plane is repainted and refitted with new seats, the existing VX plane will operate under the Alaska callsign.

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So what I’m thinking is that the planes will be repainted and refurbished by April 24?