Spring Break To Maui!

Mini mods, let me have my spring break in peace

Route: ORD-OGG
Server: Expert
Aircraft 787-9

My Aircraft the Boeing 787-9 carrying me to OGG!

My business class seat 7E

Taking off with a view of Michigan Lake!

Flying over Yellowstone National Park

San Francisco

ocean what else is there to say

Approaching Maui!

Landed after 8 hours

At the gate
@Flyin.Hawaiian spotting me

What airline should I fly for my return flight

  • American
  • Southwest
  • United
  • Hawaiian
  • Alaska

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Which picture was your favorite

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Do KPDX to PHOG pleaseeee

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American over Southwest…this community has terrible taste

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These are amazing shots! The last one looks real!

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Why so salty?

Woahh. Calm down, pal. Everyone has different opinions here.

I’ll keep the polls open

That Yellowstone pic is the best one out of all those photos! Love the scenery. Hope to visit it one day :). Great shot!

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I love that pic over the Bay Area, enjoy your spring break!

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It was beautiful!

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The second and third photos make it look like the Dreamliner has Evo-Blue, which would be lovely to have in game. Nice shots!

Thank you! I would definitely love for that to be in the game as well, thanks for the liking the topic :)

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Right?! Time will tell, and no worries. Hope to see you in the virtual skies!

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Still time to vote the poll will close tomorrow morning at 1200Z

Don’t worry, I’ve voted!!

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Less than twelve hours left

visible concern

casually refers to the fact that yellowstone can cause an extinction level event at any second

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casually also refers that it’s going to happen in a million years from now.