Spring Break! (PT. 2) - A GA Day Adventure!

Hi IFC! Welcome to Part 2 of my Spring Break adventure topics!

Yesterday was GA Day, and since I don’t fly GA much, I saw it as an awesome opportunity for some awesome screenshots. Well, I wasn’t disappointed! Here are just a few of my amazing screenshots! Enjoy!

Flight 1 ✈️

Spawned in as a Cessna 208 turns off its engine

Some awesome tropical flying! 🏝

Shutting off my engine as a French TBM lands

Flight 2 ✈️


An awesome sunset takeoff! 🌅

Flight 3 ✈️

Lining up on the runway for an amazing sunset departure

Nothing to say here

Scenery showcase! Doesn’t get much better than this!

And that is it! As always, be sure to leave a heart if you liked the screenshots, and let me know in the comments which one was your favorite! Until next time, happy flying!

byebye 👋


Awesome photos @The_Real_Plane_Spott! I love sunset departures also, they are just amazing!

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Thank you! :) Sunset departures are certainly a lot less boring than noon flying. A lot more vibrant colors!

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4th photo is stunning!


Laura is enjoying her flight

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“Help me plz”

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Now how in the world did you get those tbm shots like that

I used snapseed to lightly edit my photos

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It is a free app, and it works amazing!!

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The TBM photos look nice with the reflection of lights at sunset. Always a good experience with VFR flights over such scenery.

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