SpRIng BREak! (Part 1): LHR-EWR

What’s up IFC?! This past week, I was on spring break. I did plenty of flying, and I took some AMAZING screenshots. Today’s topic features some from my flight from London to Newark. Without further ado, here are the screenshots!
Flight Info ✈️

Route: London 🇬🇧 - Newark 🇺🇸

Aircraft: United 787

Flight time: 6 hrs

Hotel? DEFINITELY Trivago

Spawned in next to some BIG planes ✈️

Spotting time! As I pushed back, this Jet2 ✏️ landed on 27L.

This BA 772 then lands on the same runway after a long flight

As spotting time ends, we move to my first poll!

Airbus 350 or Boeing 787
  • B787
  • A350
  • Chicken Nuggets

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My 787 becomes a rocket 🚀 over an Etihad 77F.


having to slow down SUPERFAST because I was late to descend

Aesthetic 💯

AAAAAnd that’s it! Overall, I think the screenshots turned out super well! As always, be sure to leave a like, and let me know how they turned out! Until next time, happy flying!



chicken nuggets ftw

Nice screenshots!

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United at the start might’ve been me lol

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