Spring Break 2024 Trip to Jamaica - Outbound Pt2: Charlotte to Miami

Hello folks, this is our second part of this trip as we arrived at Gate B3 Charlotte airport from St. Louis and now about to head over to Gate B15 for our late night flight to Miami. We didn’t do much while we laid over. But yeah, we just sat and waited for our flight to arrive and here we go, we flew to Miami. So here go the shots and I hope you enjoy it.

Second Flight: American Airlines Flight 2178 - Charlotte to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Origin: Charlotte Douglas Int’l Airport (KCLT)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 5mins
Server: Expert

As mentioned earlier, here we are at Gate B15 CLT airport as our flight is on the A321 that’s bringing us down to the 🌴😎🇺🇸 305 MIAMI before we start boarding. Didn’t do much but just sat and waited until our flight arrived

After we pushed back, we taxied down to RWY 18C for our departure out of CLT airport

And then we entered RWY 18C to line up and begin our takeoff roll

And off we go we tookoff out of CLT and we are on our way to Miami 🌴😎🇺🇸. Goodbye 👋 CLT airport

Flying over Peachland 🇺🇸 after we tookoff climbing above FL130 until we reach our cruising altitude of FL340

Cruising over the Atlantic Coastal Plain at FL340 as Biscoff Cookies 🍪 and beverages 🥤 were served by the AA Flight Attendants where again, I got Sprite 🥤 and my Aunty this time got Water 💧 and then I chewed my bubblegum for the remaining of this second leg to Miami. Oh and btw, we had our remaining snacks along with that

On our descent phase, flying on the Florida Coastline as we get near the Ft Lauderdale and Miami area, getting close to MIA before we touch down aiming for RWY 26R

And on short final RWY 26R before we landed in MIA airport

And taxiing to Gate D36 for our arrival to MIA after we landed

And we are here at MIA Gate D36 and the photo of our plane after we deplaned. So, we are off to baggage claim 🛄 to exit the airport and get Lyft 🚗 to Grandma’s house to spend a night and head back to the airport the next morning since it’s an overnight layover and don’t wanna sleep at the airport.

And that completes our second leg and I hope you enjoyed it. So stay tuned for this amazing last leg as we head down to Kingston 🇯🇲😎🌴 on American Airlines Flight 1400. Be safe and have a blessed day.


This bubble gum is a hero. Lol anyway excellent as always, nothing to say