Spring Break 2023 Trip to New York (aka Big Apple) - Return: New York to St. Louis

Hello folks, as Spring Break came to a close, we were ready to head back home to St. Louis since we had a wonderful Spring Break in New York. We explored New York which it brought me back memories of what I experienced when Grandma brought me to New York out of foster care in Jacksonville, Florida. I also explored the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the whole of Manhattan. The day before we left New York, I explored two of the schools that I have gone to when I was a kid. It was some good ol times in New York. Anyways, let’s get right onto the shots regarding this return trip.

First Flight: Delta Airlines Flight 2049 - New York to Atlanta
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Origin: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport (KJFK)
Destination: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Flight Time: 2hrs 40mins
Server: Expert

Made it to our gate which is Gate B34 at JFK airport, early in the morning as we hop onboard, taking us back to ATL. Our flight was leaving at 6:00 AM EDT

Off we go airborne, as we tookoff RWY 31L from JFK, heading to Atlanta. Goodbye New York, we will see u next time

Cruising over Roanoke Virginia at FL380, as we were served a choice of biscoff cookies or a granola bar with a choice of beverage in that case, chose Sprite with biscoff cookies

Here we are on short final, RWY 26R about to touchdown ATL airport once again. This is the reminder of the time I lived in Atlanta with my Mama as a kid

Arrival in Atlanta at Gate E18. We had to turn around since Gate E18 is the northern side and we almost crashed into another aircraft, but everything was alright and arrived safely without any damage to the right winglet. Welcome to Atlanta folks

That completes our first leg of the trip. Time to deplane and grab breakfast to eat before heading to Gate B21 that will take us back home to STL. Here go the shots regarding this final leg.

Final Flight: Delta Airlines Flight 2934 - Atlanta to St. Louis
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Origin: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 1hr 43mins
Server: Expert

Here we are at Gate B21, and it looked a tad bit awkward to which it came to be that the jetbridge did not connect to our aircraft. Instead, the stairs connected to the aircraft. In that case, we might had to board the aircraft via stairs. Our flight left at 11:36 AM EDT which was 13 minutes late.

As we tookoff ATL airport RWY 27R, we spotted a Delta A350-900 and a Southwest Boeing 737-800. Goodbye Atlanta, heading off to STL

Cruising over Tennessee at FL340, being served the same thing as the last flight

On short final RWY 30R for touchdown at STL airport. Almost home as we are about to land, as mentioned.

And we are home as we arrived at Gate A4 at St. Louis. Hello and Welcome back to St. Louis as we had a wonderful Spring Break in New York. It is time to head to baggage claim, then exit the airport and wait for us to be picked up to take us home.

And that completes our Spring Break 2023 Trip to the Big Apple (New York). I really hope you enjoyed my trip report and I will be posting for trip report shots. So, have a blessed night/day and stay safe folks, and enjoy your Spring Break whenever Spring Break starts.


There’s still time. Go to Miami or Cabo and finish off the spring break in style.

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Ok, I’ll try planning on doing that or maybe next Year on Spring Break @PocketRishi

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