Spring Break 2022 Trip to Belize - Return: Belize City to St. Louis Part 1

Hello folks, so we had a terrible trip back to St. Louis except from Chicago to St. Louis where it left early which was where we had to connect after Miami. Going from Belize City to Miami on American Airlines Flight 2132, it was delayed for almost three hours bro. Like literally, delayed for almost three hours where we have landed in Miami almost 9:00 PM last night. That is very late and could’ve missed that second flight heading to Chicago as our second connection flight. Luckily, that flight was delayed til 10:00 PM and thank god we made it before missing that flight. This was taken on American Airlines Flight 513 from Miami to Chicago O’Hare in which we landed and arrived at midnight. We then had an overnight layover where we spent a night at a hotel near Chicago airport. Then the next day, we flew American Airlines Flight 2629 from Chicago to St. Louis where I mentioned earlier that we left and arrived home to St. Louis early. Anyway, here go the shots regarding our first flight to Miami from Belize City.

First Flight: American Airlines Flight 2132 - Belize City to Miami
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Philip SW Goldson Int’l Airport (MZBZ)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 11mins
Server: Expert

This was at the airport tarmac as we were boarding our flight down to Miami at Gate 5 at Belize City Airport. I can’t believe that it was time to head home already. But we had a great Spring Break in Belize.

Up, up and away we go, lifted off RWY 7 on our way to Miami after being stuck on the ground for over two hours.

Cruising @ FL370, flying over the western tip of Cuba, heading Northeast to Miami. We were served a club ham and cheese sandwich with Cheez-Its and a bottle of water plus a choice of beverages in that case, I chose sprite.

Nearly two hours later, we are about to land in Miami, as we are on short final RWY 9 few feet before touchdown

And here we are, we have arrived late, I mean really late at Miami International Airport at Gate D33.

That completes the first connection flight from Belize City to Miami as it was so terrible upon this delay of almost three hours. Now transferring to Gate D32 which is right next to us as we head to Chicago that leaves at 10:00 PM. Here go the shots

Second Flight: American Airlines Flight 513 - Miami to Chicago
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport (KORD)
Flight Time: 3hrs 25mins
Server: Expert

Luckily as mentioned earlier, we have made it to Gate D32, ready to board this late flight heading off to Chicago O’Hare

Thank god we did not stay on the forever compared to the last flight and have taken off RWY 8R from Miami Airport, and now off to Chicago.

An hour later after takeoff, we are cruising @ FL380, flying over north of Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, Georgia heading north towards Tennessee. We were then given out snacks and choice of beverages. This time, I had both biscoff cookies and pretzels with Cranberry Juice just to mix up different drinks.

Then after our descent phase, we are on final RWY 27L in prep for our night landing at Chicago O’Hare

And here we are folks, welcome to Chicago O’Hare International Airport as we arrived to Gate H11A. Note that we arrived late. If this flight wasn’t delayed like this, then we would’ve had an awesome flight. It could still be an awesome flight even though the flight was delayed and that is what I would consider. Overall, we are here in Chicago.

And that complete our first part of this return trip. It’s time to head to the hotel to spend a night for our overnight layover so we can get some sleep before heading off back to St. Louis the next day. And that is when I will be posting my final shots regarding our flight home.