Spring Break 2022 Trip to Belize - Outbound: St. Louis to Belize City

Hello folks, I have picked up my brand new iPad mini last week and Infinite Flight ran so smooth that I can do many flights as I want even on high graphics. I really do enjoy this iPad mini now that I can use another device to do something else while I’m enroute to my destination especially on long haul routes. Anyway, I did a trip from St. Louis to Belize City via Miami. To start off, I flew American Airlines Flight 944 from St. Louis to Miami which left early in the morning. The flight left on time and as soon as I was in the air, the flight was really smooth. After arriving to Miami, I had a layover for almost four hours where all of a sudden, my flight from Miami to Belize City was delayed for almost thirty minutes. This was American Airlines Flight 2121 that took me from Miami to Belize City. Here go the shots, I hope you like ‘em.

First Flight: American Airlines Flight 944 - St. Louis to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 45mins
Server: Expert

First flight to start off the day with our morning flight service to Miami at Gate C24 at St. Louis Airport as we wait until our boarding announcement made by the gate agents to commence boarding.

Up, up and away off we go, taking off RWY 12R from STL airport on our way to Miami

We have reached our cruising altitude FL370, flying over South western part of Georgia as the sun rises, waking up to the smell of coffee. The flight attendants came along the cabin, serving us snacks and beverages onboard which includes Biscoff Cookies and a choice of beverages. On my side, I got biscoff cookies and chose apple juice to drink cuz u know, it’s morning and I don’t drink soda in the morning.

A few minutes later, we are a few feet before touchdown RWY 30 at MIA airport, seeing the view of the Dolphin Express way on your left aka, FL-836.

And here we are as we arrive to Gate E31 at Miami Airport. Welcome to the 305 folks.

That completes the first flight and now heading off to Gate D20 for our connection flight, taking us to Belize City on the same aircraft as we flew here to Miami from St. Louis. However, there was a gate change to where we were put at Gate D26 for our flight to Belize City. Here go some shots regarding this awesome flight down to Belize. These photos will be something you will love. Here goes nothing.

Final Flight: American Airlines Flight 2121 - Miami to Belize City
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: Philips S.W. Goldson Int’t Airport (MZBZ)
Flight Time: 2hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Being brought to Gate D26 as our flight was delayed, mentioned earlier, but ready to get out of here, heading to Belize City.

A gusty wind takeoff RWY 8R from MIA airport, note that there was a runway change, heading off to Belize City

Cruising over the beautiful ocean view, flying over the western tip of Cuba on our left, as we were handed out a lunch meal which includes rice with chicken, chocolate chip cookie, and a bottle of water.

Few minutes later, we are about to land RWY 7 at BZE airport

We have arrived to Gate 7 at Belize City Airport. Welcome to Belize City and let’s head to Passport Control for inspection before we head off to baggage claim.

That completes our Spring Break trip to Belize City. Time for us to get a ride to the hotel for a one-week Spring Break vacation in Belize. We had an excellent time on two flights today. Stay safe and have a good night Infinite Flight community. I will post my return shots back to St. Louis on Saturday.


Great shots Udeme, my favorite one was the 3rd on and I hope you’re satisfied with your new iPad :)

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Thank you @InfiniteflightproYT

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Really like it!

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Cool! I was in Belize for spring break irl, I flew RDM-LAX LAX-BZE and on the way home BZE-DEN DEN-RDM.

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Wow bro, that’s cool. I’ve never been to Belize City irl and maybe one day, I’ll go

Ya it was pretty awesome

Great photos dude, could you possibly do a trip to KTUS I live near it and even though it isn’t 3D it doesn’t get much attention it would be cool. Thanks

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A virtual trip to KTUS? I’m not sure about Tulsa Oklahoma, but I’ll try some day.

It’s Tucson Arizona not Oklahoma.

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Oh shoot, my bad. I thought you wrote as KTUS as Tulsa. Therefore, I read that wrong. When you wrote KTUS, I thought it was Tulsa Airport. But I might go there on day like I said. So you live near KTUS airport?

Yes not too far, just be careful where you fly from you could fly Delta from ATL or United from ORD or American from DFW.

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Why do I have to be careful to where I fly from? You can fly any flight from anywhere as connection to get to TUS airport

I don’t mean be careful just don’t fly from somewhere like STL nonstop.

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You said for me to be careful where I fly from

I didn’t mean it like that, sry was confused myself after I wrote that. It would be cool to see some pics if you ever did fly down here.

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Yeah man, cuz there r bunch of flights out of my prediction that would bring me to Tucson Arizona such as Southwest Airlines that would fly directly from STL-TUS.

Fantastic shots!

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Thanks @Thomas_Cunningham

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