Spring Break 2022 Trip to Belize City - Return: Belize City to St. Louis Pt 2

This is the second part as mentioned in the last part I flew American Airlines Flight 2629 from Chicago to St. Louis. We left a few minutes early from Chicago and arrived back home early. This flight was way better than the last two flights, at least we get to spend a night at the hotel at Chicago. I really had a great time in Belize City for my Spring Break 2022. Let’s get right on to the shots regarding this final flight home.

Final Flight: American Airlines Flight 2629 - Chicago to St. Louis
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport (KORD)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 1hr 11mins
Server: Expert

Here we are at Gate H15, our flight taking us back to St. Louis getting ready to head home. Let’s go

As mentioned earlier, we departed early and a short taxi to RWY 28R for departure out of Chicago O’Hare.

Here we go, lining up 28R for takeoff out of Chicago. Get ready folks as we blast off

Annd off we go, we lift off RWY 28R from ORD airport off to St. Louis

A few seconds later, we bank to the left as we head south. You can see the whole entire Chicago O’Hare airport

We then reached our cruising altitude and now cruising @ FL300 due to the fact that it is a short flight. Unfortunately, there was no snack service and we brought our snacks to munch on board throughout this short flight back to St. Louis. Oh and by the way, this is view of Willard, Illinois as we fly over the south of Willard Airport.

Here we go as we make our right turn onto left downwind RWY 12L, in preparation for landing in St. Louis airport. You can see the airport on the left.

And, getting near home as we are on final RWY 12L for landing. We are literally 5-10 ft and 100 ft AGL before crossing that threshold before touching the ground in St. Louis airport.

Annd we have landed safely in St. Louis after our short flight from Chicago. We are about to cross RWY 12R before we arrive at the gate. I am very tired and ready to take a nap once we get home.

And we have arrived at Gate C12 at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Welcome home folks. We are back from a wonderful time in Belize City. It’s time to head off the plane and start proceeding to Baggage Claim and exiting the airport to head home. What a great flight we had especially the last two flights that was delayed really bad.

And that completes the Spring Break 2022 Trip to Belize and now it is over. I had a great time in Belize City and I hope I will travel again soon. I’m planning on going on a big virtual trip in the summer as I make a list of places where I will be traveling to and decide which one I want to go to. Anyways, I appreciate you for exploring how my trip went going from St. Louis to Belize City and back. So have a beautiful night and be safe.


Awesome shots! St. Louis is a nice airport to fly into, I think the runway layout is unique (what with there being a runway so far from the terminal)

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