Spring Break 2021 Vacation - St. Louis to Beijing Pt. 2

This is now the second part of my first trip to China 🇨🇳. So these shots will feature two China Southern B787-8 flights. The first one was China Southern Flight 328 KLAX-ZGGG and China Southern Flight 3101 ZGGG-ZBAD.
So let’s get right onto those shots.

Flight 3: China Southern Flight 328 - 🇺🇸 Los Angeles to Guangzhou 🇨🇳
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Destination: Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l Airport (ZGGG)
Flight Time: 15hrs 20mins
Server: Expert

Here we are at Gate 155 at TBIT in Los Angeles Airport getting ready to board this long flight to Guangzhou. R u excited? If so, get comfy and go to sleep cuz it’s gonna be a looong flight.

A beautiful, late night blast off out of KLAX RWY 7L, on our way to Guangzhou 🇨🇳 with a Delta B77L holding short RWY 25R as the opposite end.

A moonshot as we cruise across the Pacific Ocean, headed to Asia @ FL380. Dinner Time (Chinese Food/dessert) and Sleep 💤 Time.

It’s time to wake up for some breakfast onboard cuz, we will be touching down at Guangzhou Airport RWY 1. Note that there was a huge drop due to APPR mode failure.

Annd, we have safely arrived to Guangzhou Airport after 15 hours in the sky. What a loooong flight! We are now headed to our next gate for our final flight to our destination, Beijing, the capital of China. Let’s Go!

Final Flight: China Southern Flight 3101 - Guangzhou to Beijing 🇨🇳
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Origin: Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l Airport (ZGGG)
Destination: Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport (ZBAD)
Flight Time: 2hrs 55mins
Server: Expert

During our 2 hour layover, we have the same airline and plane that will take us to Beijing as we board at Gate 154 @ Guangzhou Airport. Let’s Go.

RWY 2L, off we go!!! On our way to Beijing Daxing Airport

Sunny Day cruise @ FL371 as we fly across Shanghai and Xinzheng 🇨🇳. How about Chinese snacks onboard?

Prepare for our final approach RWY 35R onto our final destination, Beijing Daxing Airport.

And we are here at our final destination right on time at Gate 120. Welcome to Beijing 🇨🇳. Time to proceed to Baggage Claim and head on to the hotel. Let’s Enjoy Beijing.

Thanks for viewing my photos upon my trip from St. Louis to Beijing.


Nice pictures!!


Thank you so much @Mukundan_Srivatsa

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Very nice‼️


Wow 🤩 amazing pictures

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Awesome pictures. Do you have any idea what your next flights will be?

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Those night shots…👌🤩 Fantastic. And the day ones were amazing as well, especially the first day shot. Great job on these

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Beijing to Guayaquil will be my next trip during Spring Break

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