Spring Break 2021 Trip: Beijing to Guayaquil Pt. 1

Alrighty, after a day in Beijing, it is time to head to South America for our next trip. So this trip began with our first stop to Shanghai and a 14hr 55min layover. Then, we went to Hong Kong as our second stop and this will be Part 1 of our next trip. So here are the shots:

Flight 1: China Southern Flight 8982 - Beijing to Shanghai 🇨🇳
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Origin: Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport (ZBAD)
Destination: Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport (ZSPD)
Flight Time: 2hrs 55mins

At Gate 134 at Daxing Airport ready to board this flight to Shanghai as our first stop.

And off we go as we blast off RWY 17L heading to Shanghai. Goodbye Beijing

Cruise at FL380 as we make our way down to Shanghai with some Chinese meals onboard.

A late night approach RWY 16L as we fly over the Yellow Sea

And arrival to Gate 89 at Shanghai Pudong Airport, welcome to Shanghai 🇨🇳. It will be a long layover. So let’s spend a night at a hotel for our next connecting flight to Hong Kong.

Flight 2: Cathay Pacific Flight 367 - Shanghai to Hong Kong 🇭🇰 🇨🇳
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Origin: Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport (ZSPD)
Destination: Hong Kong Int’l Airport (VHHH)
Flight Time: 3hrs

Good afternoon Shanghai, as we board at Terminal 2 Gate 79 heading to Hong Kong. Our flight was delayed for 30mins.

And an afternoon takeoff RWY 17L from Shanghai. Off we go!!!

A Sunny weather cruise @ FL360 towards the tip of the sea and the Rockies

An Early evening approach RWY 25R at Hong Kong Airport

And arrival to Terminal 1 Gate N34 at Hong Kong Airport. Welcome to Hong Kong. Let’s explore the airport and grab some lunch and dinner before we depart very late at night back to the USA 🇺🇸 on our third connection which will be on Part 2.