Spring Airlines A320-214

Spring Airlines A320-214


(Searched for dup but found none, which was shocking since it’s an iconic budget airline in China)

About Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 春秋航空股份有限公司) is a low-cost carrier with its headquarters in Changning District, Shanghai, China. While the company adopted the English name “Spring Airlines”, the Chinese name literally means “Spring Autumn Airlines”. Its hub is located in Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong airport.

In late July 2009, Spring’s plan to establish overseas routes was granted by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of the People’s Republic of China, making it the first budget airline in China to explore the international market. The airline had plans to operate short-distance routes linking mainland Chinese cities to Hong Kong and Macau, as well as neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

Why this livery?

  • There’s a huge lack of Chinese short-haulers. The available routes for CA A319 and B737 is limited, causing numerous class-B airports in China that is quite silent.

  • This aircraft can connect besically every airports in China and serve international destinations as far as Denpasar (WADD).

  • When I was checking the non-generic suggested routes database, I was amazed to see Ryanair, also a budget airline, has over 2,000 routes. Since budget airlines mainly operate aircraft of the same type, if we get 1 budget airline livery added, the fleet is complete and as a result we can fly every routes of this airline. This is a quick way to expand the airline diversity in IF and we may see a potential new VA!

So make sure you drop a vote if you like it!

Reference: Spring Airlines Wikipedia

100% agree. Livery is amazing, you’ve got my vote!


Thanks for your support 👍


The livery looks so modern and nice! Hope this will get some support along with other Chinese liveries

It can open up more realistic routes to East Asia like Phnom Penh, Tokyo, Nagoya, Myanmar and much much more!!

Yes, I like the green livery very much, it is just terrific

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