Spread out people!

I’ve been controlling a lot recently and I’m getting pretty tired of controlling in the Southern California region and I’m sure I’m not alone on this subject. To keep it simple… Spread out! Anyone want to fly in an unused region I’d be more than happy to control for you.

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Noted. Thanks for your input

Advanced switches regions at least once daily. Most people here don’t fly on PG.

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Well I just recently failed that test so… And I’m not a bad controller (I don’t think) I don’t understand what happened to me during the test.

DENVER, CO!!! I am controlling there a lot. If you guys want me and @Parke_Schalon to control for you guys I know we would be more then happy (you do have Denver right Parke 😂)

True but it still helps us aspiring ATC ;)

No but I’ll get it now if anyone’s interested lol

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Lol okay my bad 😂😂

Haha I’m down if we get some ppl tho

Yeah I was just controlling there! It’s a beautiful region to fly/control in. If we get enou people we can open up shop :)

Can we use Zello in this flight for a more realistic standard?

Lemme know and I’m in

Only use Zello on Free Flight please.

Zello? Is that an audio thing

What is Zello?

@Parke_Schalon yes Sir.

Well for anyone interested and who has KDEN haha I am going right now for an hour or so and control. I’ll probably sit there for that hour with not a single aircraft coming through! But it’s worth a shot ;) night guys

-508 out

Ya that’d be awesome! Just need ppl willing to do it

Yeah. Would probably have to create an event

I’ll be there in a cpl mins