Spray Display at LFPG! - Paris Spotting 05/12/2021

Bonjour, IFC!

Today I woke up and saw… “hey damn, it’s pretty humid out there! Why not go plane spotting?”

I thought it would be good for condensation trails and water splashing.

It wasn’t very good…


As I pulled over next to the little mound of frozen garbage that I usually spot by, I saw a dozen other spotters all in line, putting my equipment to shame.


Here we go!

Air France 777-300ER from… Cayenne I think (I don’t remember)

United 787-8 from ORD with a beacon shot!

This topic isn’t finnished yet :P

An Air China 777-300 from Pekin right as the sun popped out

Another Air China flight from Pekin but this time it’s an A330 and it’s 6 minutes late but it made some nice spray which made it worth the cold

A tiny spotter, and a massive 777

A Turkish A330 celebrating pride month with a 6 month delay (which is usual for Turkish Airlines)


Here I got absolutely sprayed for 20 minutes. Rain, wind, hail, you name it, it was there.

End of intermission

A brand new Air France A220 (it is not a CS it’s an A220) landing just in time to be added to IF!

It’s over for now. Here I had to go in the car and pour some water on my hands because RaYNaUd but I’ll be back soon with some more shots!

To conclude, this was a very nice spotting session despite the cold and rain. After all, if you want to get spray, you have to be sprayed ;)

And if you want to spot in Europe, you need to have a permit and know how to climb piles of trash!

See you later with Part 2! {Featuring PLAY Airlines, Air Canada and much more!}

Thank you!

Stay Safe


  • The shots are all sharp and none are blurry except the rainbow one, so if they seem horrible on your device, thank Discourse!
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These are stunning birb boi!

Amazing job!

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Thank you, desert boi

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Can’t really agree with you, the CSeries will stay CSeries for ever, at least for me :P

Aside of that, awesome shots, really nice


Amazing photos! Don’t particularly like wet weather myself, mostly because I don’t like my camera getting wet, not so much getting myself wet. But the shots you can get from a wet runway are definitely amazing.

And I totally agree ;) .

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Check if your gear is weather proof. You might think not, but I found out a few months after purchase that the camera I have was weather-sealed so apart from the lens (which i cover with a rag) the body is fine :)

Also @SunDown this is the first time I’ve seen a courteous disagreement here on IFC 🤝

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Nice spotting! What a cool handful of airlines!

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Hey this is pretty good


The first one is spectacular

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Thank you oatmeal

Seems exactly like Seattle but just in Europe :P

Great shots!

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Stunning pictures. The A220 looks amazing.

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The Turkish A330 pictures are stunning!

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I’ll be like that, sometimes 😋

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True. Reverse thrust spray never fails to impress.

I’m not a fan of the A220 itself but the spray definitely makes up for it.

These photos are truly stunning, keep up the impressive work.

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