These shots were taken a bit ago from the terminal at Ft. Lauderdale near the threshold for runway 28R (Aircraft we’re taking off 10L the so coming towards us)

These ones though were taken from the flight…
F-15 sitting on the apron at KFLL

SWA special livery (Tennessee I think) at KPIT

Now from the terminal…
FedEx MD-10

Azul A330

Delta Skyteam Livery 757

SWA 737-700

Allegiant A320

United 737-800ER

JetBlue A321 heading to LA with mint seats🙃

Silver Air Sab340

JetBlue A320

Our plane in the foreground…

If you want to use any of these photos pleas PM me first, Thanks…


Very nice! How long were you in the terminal spotting?

Many 30mins? I took a time laps, but it wolnt let me put it here unfortunately

That’s a 757. Delta doesn’t have E190s.

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Really nice, if you have anymore of spotting pictures at KPIT, would love to see them. Or if in the future you spot at KPIT, would love for you to share them, i’ll be more than happy so see more!

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You sure it is a 75?

They don’t exist. DC-10 I’m assuming?

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No FedEx had all their DC-10s modfied no no longer need a flight enginere like the MD-11s, and all aircraft like that are now called MD-10 since they are a DC-10 with a cockpit like a MD-11


Ah yes I forgot lol :) Nice pics!

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Delta doesn’t fly E190s. Plus, it’s easily identifiable as a 757-200.

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Oh, well I will change that

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Would prefer the the pics are not edited because it’s turning out really over saturated

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Interesting, I don’t feel as though they appear to over saturated myself, but out of curiosity which ones do you feel are most over saturated?

I feel like those that has the sky as the background suffer this issue severely

Well thanks for the feed back will definitely look at this for future pictures I edit…🙃

Nice shots! I love spotting at FLL, I’ll be down there next month so hoping to get some good shots.

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